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He's mine. {An Emmett Cullen Love Story.}

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Hi this is chappie 2....... I got 2 new fans and I'm sooo super happy!! :D. The video is Taoi Cruz Troublemaker, have a listen. The pic on the side is of most of the wolf pack: the 2 in the front are Jake and Leah.. To the very left of Jake is Paul and beside Paul is Embry. In between Jake and Leah are Sam(the closest 1) then jared and finnally Quil. Seth, Brady and Collin arent in the pictureP.S. In my story Leah isn't a wolf she is--- never mind you'll find out soon.... VOTE,COMMENTE AND FANNNNN!!!!!!!!

Recap: I smile to myself and answer my phone as it calls again. "Yes Jacob" I sigh "why the fuck did you hang up on me???" I cant help but laugh as he schreechs like a girl. "I'll be at your place soon. Just buying an apartment" "WHAT!!!!"

The real story: Once again I hang up on my brother sighing dramatically at his annoyingness. I get into the elevator relishing in the fact it doesn't have elevator music, that shit pisses me off. I get out of the elevator and glide over to the counter dude and hand him a check made out for $7000. He puts into an envolope and hands me another set of keys, which he says are a spare pair. I walk out to my car and grab my 2 boxes and 3 suitcases and drag them into that mother fucking tiny lift.

*1/2 an hour later*

I finnally unpacked my new home. I open the fridge upset that I have no food, then make a mental note to get some on the way back from Jacob's. I run upstairs and pull off the sweatpants and tee.I grab a black crop top that has a glow in the dark monster holding a plate of cookies saying come to the dark side we have cookies. The shirt shows off my 2 tats ( I have one on my right sholder, it's a black heart surrounded by metal spikes and red flames on the heart it read Sexy and Dangerous in silver cursive writting. On the very bottom left of my back there was a tiger crouching and snarling surrounded by rain forest in a heart shape) and my bronze wolf belly button piercing. I pull on a pair of black extreme skinnys that have been torn to near shreds and a pair of black Black leather combat boots with chains. I run down to my car taking the stairs this time. I drive as fast as I can which is pretty dang faast to the home I once knew but havent seen in 7 years since I was sent away, The Black Residence. I make a U-turn and paralell park in between a beat up rabbit '86 and a volvo. I hear scrambeling coming from where the sitting room is. Next thing you know nine tan guys, three tan girls,a little tan toddler and five adults that I recignise as Old Quil, my dad, Charlie swan, Sue Clearwater and Harry Clearwater appear.  One of the guys, who have their arm wrapped around the girl with short hair, comes over and scoops me up in a huge bear hug nearly cutting of my air supply. "Who the fu-heck do you think you are!" I cut myself of from cursing because of the tiny little girl in one of the boys arms. i take another look over the guys and recignise the one with his arm around the girl with scars on her face. "SAM!!!!" I run over and hug him .Grinning happily at the girl who he was holding I whisper to her " I'm Cleo a freind of Sams. Who are you?" She stops glaring at me and smiles "I'm Emily, his fiance" I laugh and hug Emily to.I hear the wierdo who hugged me earlier mutter to the girl he had his arrm around "Leah, why does she prefer Sam to me?" wait LEAH?!?! I run over to her tackling her tall(well everyone is tall to me) frame to ground "LE-LE I MISSED YOU!!!" I get pulled off Leah who was helped up by Mr. LEts-HUG-A-STRANGER. I turn around to the guy wh picked me up and rudly ask him "and who are you" I growl at him and he pouts "D'ya not remember me Cleo. I was your BFFL" He feigns heart break and I frown, my best bud, my best bud, my best bu- oh!!! "SETH" I wrap my arms around him excited to be hugging my old best friend again. He pulls back andpoints to the huggy dude "thats Jake, your brother" then he points to the guy with the baby "thats quil and Claire" Oh yeah Jakes Buddy " Thats embry" he points at a guy who was wresteling with another "and Paul is the guy he's messing with" he thenpoints to two guys around our age "they're Brady and Collin" he then points to the only other guy, who like Sam, Jake and Quil

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Chapter 2.


Naya Riveraas Cleo
Jeromy Sumpteras Theo
Ryan Potteras Tigh
Taylor Lautneras Jacob
Boo Boo Stewartas Seth
Robert Pattinsonas Edward
Ashley Greeneas Alice
Nikki Reedas Rosalie
Kellan Lutzas Emmett
Jason Rathboneas Jasper
Elizabeth Reaseras Esme
Peter Facinellias Carlisle
Alex Merazas Paul
Kiowa Gordonas Embry
Kristen Stewartas Bella

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