Under the Gray Willow Tree [Watty Awards 2012 Round 2]

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Hey guys! This is my new novel! ^^0^^ Well, hope you guys enjoy it!!! XDD

“I never thought my life would have such a drastic change. Apparently, it did, when I was only fourteen. It was a sad day. My whole life spiraled down into the depths, right in front of my eyes on that fateful day. Nothing will ever be the same anymore, and I just know it. Nothing. That was what I thought, and knew. But, at least something good happened that day. It was the day I met him, the very person who is my one only spark in life to continue living in this grey world of ours. But what I didn’t know was that not everything is exactly what it seems, so is this guy. He’s hiding some dark secrets of his own. But what I don’t know won’t hurt me... Right?” – Willow Rayne

Well, I'm posting prologue right after I publish this so BE PATIENT! :DD Oh, and please please please check out my other works. :) Esp The Deal. Click on the external link to readddd! :DDD

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Hayden Panettiereas Willow Rayne
Zac Efronas Gray Lopez
Jennifer Lawrenceas Geraldine Lopez
Zachary Quintoas Desmond Harrington

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