Under the Gray Willow Tree [Watty Awards 2012 Round 2] (Editing)

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NOTE: I'm currently editing this and also changing the tenses from past to present. So don't complain bout the different tenses. Also, for those who have read this book before, you might want to retread it as there are a lot of changes. Have a great day :)

Hey guys! This is my new novel! ^^0^^ Well, hope you guys enjoy it!!! XDD

"I never thought my life would have such a drastic change. Apparently, it did, when I was only fourteen. It was a sad day. My whole life spiraled down into the depths, right in front of my eyes on that fateful day. Nothing will ever be the same anymore, and I just know it. Nothing. That was what I thought, and knew. But, at least something good happened that day. It was the day I met him, the very person who is my one only spark in life to continue living in this grey world of ours. But what I didn't know was that not everything is exactly what it seems, so is this guy. He's hiding some dark secrets of his own. But what I don't know won't hurt me... Right?" - Willow Rayne

Well, I'm posting prologue right after I publish this so BE PATIENT! :DD Oh, and please please please check out my other works. :) Esp The Deal. Click on the external link to readddd! :DDD

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Hayden Panettiereas Willow Rayne
Zac Efronas Gray Lopez
Jennifer Lawrenceas Geraldine Lopez
Zachary Quintoas Desmond Harrington

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