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Taste For Revenge

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Chapter 1

  Had it been only yesterday when she'd been attending her step-sister's engagement party? 

  A lot had seemed to have happened in those twenty four hours between the morning festivities and the horrendous accident which had killed Tatiana and her unborn child.  

  Shelby remembered very little from the accident itself, she was at least glad for small mercies.  

  But she could unfortunately dredge up the hurtful moments of her last few minutes with Tatiana.  

  She recalled all the cruel and cutting things that her beautiful but selfish sister had said to her, but how could she not? 

  How could she block out the words that had been spitefully spat her way moments before the screeching of tyres had sounded in her ears and the darkness had taken hold of her... 

  She wasn't putting any blame on anyone, she wasn't that kind of person, but damn it, Tatiana was the one who had been drinking! 

  So how was it that her father was blaming everything on Shelby? How did the person sitting in the passenger's seat acquire the blame? 

  Then again everything had always had a miraculous way of landing on Shelby's lap; whatever Tatiana had done wrong Shelby had always been to blame. 

  If only she had been able to convince Tatiana to let her drive or at least tried and reason with her or maybe she could've even tried calling Antonio to see if he could've talked some sense into that stubborn head of hers! 

  Instead she'd given Tatiana the keys without so much as a single word of protest, had she been paying attention to what her gut had been telling her instead of trying to impress a man who was already engaged to someone.  

  Her sister was notorious for making such wild and scandalous scenes if she didn't get what she wanted, and the wedding between the step daughter of a wealthy aristocratic British business man and the Greek multi-billionaire Antonio Demetrious had already caused enough stir in the media. Enough for Antonio and Tatiana to have appeared in most magazines and described as the perfect couple in most of them, Greek playboy to settle down with well-known runway model and notorious party girl Tatiana Tate! Had just been some of the headlines that had graced the newspapers in the recent months.

  Tatiana had always been in the lime light while she, Shelby, had always shied away from the camera not wanting her father's fame to cast light on his less than spectacular daughter.  

  Some magazines had even made a light joke about the differences between the beautiful model Tatiana and herself, the "mousy looking one". Since then she had tried anything she could to stay away from the media, after all what could the insignificant little mouse of the family possibly offer the world of fashion or the world of the English aristocracy for that matter? Nothing alike the older sister, the striking runway model, the picture-perfect daughter and the perfect soon to be wife...who would want to even start competing with a person like that? Not her, that was for sure, she didn't even want to try, not because she felt in any way inferior to her older stepsister, but because she honestly just couldn't care about such immaterial things! 

  The fact was that people thought that she was jealous of her older sister's fame and beauty, but to be perfectly honest she had never been. She had never felt anything but loving care for her sometimes selfish sister. But they just always seemed to paint her as the jealous younger sister who had nothing but brains to credit to her name, which had always been fine by her.  

  The less she had to do with that sort of world the happier she would be. She had never fitted in and quite frankly she hadn't bothered to even try. 

  They hadn't exactly cast her in a kind light in yesterday's tragedy. Remembering now what happened still caused a chill to run down her spine in blinding fear. Memories assailing her mind... 


  They'd barely made it out of the hotel gates, where the party had still been in fool swing even though it was already way past midnight-if truth be told she really couldn't tell what time it had all happened-when Tatiana started throwing accusations at her. She claimed that she had always been jealous of her, because her father had loved his step daughter more than his own daughter.  

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