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The Virginity Game

Dedicated to
All my Old and New fans

© 2011 DarkWaters All Rights Reserved

Chapter 1: Run

Sitting at home, I dragged my laptop over to my window seat and opened it up. As the computer screen flickered from black to a glossy blue, I typed in my password slowly, not wanting to have to type it twice. The little blue circle started spinning, and in a couple seconds I was logged in.

I opened up internet explorer, checking my email. I logged on to my IM and browsed through the online contacts. I stopped at my best friend’s name, double clicking.

Autumn: Why hello there.

Natt &&Rob (L): Check the website.

I knew immediately when she said ‘the website’ she meant the website. Doing a quick sweep through my emails and deciding it was all junk, I deleted them all. I went back to the flashing orange bar, also known as my communication to Natalie.

Autumn is God. : Um, okay? What for?

Nat &&Rob (L): Just do it.

I visited the website, not surprised at what I saw. There was a picture of the Six’s intended target. In the bottom right corner of the picture was a giant green arrow. I skimmed over the description, noticing she only lasted a week. I skimmed some more, trying to find the name of the boy who was to blame; Brett Reiter, of course.

Autumn is God. : Poor Amber. I thought for sure she’d last longer than a week. I really dislike Brett. He disgusts me more than any of the others.

Nat &&Rob (L): Did you see there next victim yet?

Sighing, I clicked the bar that would bring up the website again, and scrolled lower. My jaw dropped and my stomach clenched at the name I saw. I knew it was coming sooner or later, but I would have really preferred later. Much later.

Autumn is God. : Shit.

Nat &&Rob (L): I was expecting a better reply than that. Maybe something like, “they will never take me alive!” but it doesn’t really matter.

Autumn is God. : It doesn’t matter. Nothing they can do will make me give in to them.

Nat &&Rob (L): It’s funny how they have all said that. I think you’ll be the only unconquered girl, though. Damn, am I ever glad I lost my virginity to Rob before they picked me.

Autumn is God. : I hope I’ll be able to last. No, never mind. I don’t need to hope. I know I will.

Nat &&Rob (L): That’s the spirit!

Autumn is God. : Meet me at McDick’s?

Nat &&Rob (L): Right now?

Autumn is God. : Yup.

Nat &&Rob (L): Last one there buys the food!

Without so much as a goodbye, Natalie signed off. Natalie lived closer to McDonald’s than I did, and I was running low on cash. Grabbing my phone, five dollars, and my car keys, I raced out of my room and towards my car.

I had beaten Natalie there by a good three minutes. I could’ve used some of that time to put a sweater on, or maybe even pants, but instead I was sitting in McDick’s wearing only a black tank top and black short shorts, my version of pajama’s. I brushed my bangs out of my eyes as I watched her car pull in. I moved my long, black hair over to my right side, showing my neck and ear on the left, as she walked in. I smiled as she scanned the almost empty fast food joint and took in my appearance in the booth. As she casually strolled across the restaurant towards me, she took out a wad of cash, eight five dollar bills, and placed it on the table.

“I figured I’d be the loser,” she sighed, “So I brought enough money to buy you anything you wanted.” I took in her appearance, her cropped and messy light brown hair was all over the place, her bangs brushed back out of her face, with only a little bit of black eyeliner rimming the tops of her eyes.

“I want...” I bent around her and looked at the menu. “two double cheeseburgers, a McChicken burger and a large fry.” I looked back at her face, noticing her raised eyebrow. I smiled up at her and pushed her money closer to her. She let out a light chuckle.

“You eat like an overweight old man,” she said, taking her handful of money. “I have no idea how you are so skinny... though it does explain your curves.” She smirked at me and started walking away.

“I can’t help it if I have some boobs...” I said

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Jessica Albaas Autumn Philips
Shenae Grimesas Natalie Brooks
Authur Salesas Brett Reiter
Jesse McCartneyas Travis Gallagher
Alex Pettyferas Jeydon Williams
Alex Evansas David Gilmore
Dave Francoas Mark Brown
Ariana Grande as Kassey Smitt
Jeremy Youngas Kyle Lenard
Zac Efronas Steven Jacobs
Rachel McAdamsas Samantha Corodin
Salma Hayekas Megan Philips

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