Half Human (EDITING)


another story. this one is better. I hope. The first chapter is crappy so read ch.2 to see if you like it


Dear, Diary

My first entrie: My Life.

I have no life and only one friend, Briella who I met at my dad's stupid hospital job. Hey it brings in the money so everything is good.? The answer is no.  My family died in a car crash when I was ten. We were on my way to soccer practice. When a lady in big truck hit are small blue mini van. I blacked out as soon as the truck hit. When I was in the hospital everyone was crying and surrounding me. I thought for sure I was dead. I looked around in shock. Since everyone was crying the doctor came in and told me the news. My mother, brother, and sister dead. I wanted to just die to. I should of died. I wanted to die. But I didn't. Faith kept me alive for no reason.Anyone else  in the car were good at something .I am good at nothing but beating people up. I am a boxer. A really good one. We are heading all the way to the middle of no where because I got a scholarship. If I beat all the girls in my division I could move up to the pros. That means I have to move to somewhere that isn't even on the map. I am to go to a weird school. It is 30 min. away from my new home. I get to have my own dorm to share with someone. All kids from eighth grade to the 12th grade go there. The little kids get home schooled. At least it is a start. My dad can have time to cope and I can try to forget everything. I have a good feeling about this school. Everyone in this town is a freak so I will fit in. It won't be like my sixth grade class.

The worest year of my life. It was the year my family died and my so called friends weren't very friendly. I can not even think about it with me breaking something. Those stupid annoying boys always making fun of me.  Somethimes I just want to be not seen. Fit in, but nooo I have to be the one they make fun of. They were jerks. All of them. No one was their self. For some reason they tried not to be their selves. The girls. You can make a horror movie when you hear what they think of each other. They are the queens of mean. I don't know why they are, but ... THEY ARE.

On the last day of school I was sitting at the lunch table. One of the worst moments of my life was happening. It goes like this:

They were all complaining about life and their family. It was so dumb. At least they had families.

Me: What are you guys saying. You have a mom, dad and brothers and sisters. All I have is my dad cause of that car crash. Be thankful you even have a family.

Them: We don't care about your personaly life.

I was so mad I didn't even talk to them from the end of the day. When I was mad and ran out of school.  Now I am close to my new town. This is my last writing in my diary.


                                     Lauren Clash


This is my personaly story that means alot to me and I don't care if no one reads it but don't make fun of it.


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