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Pureblood Vampires Series (Book One and Two)


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Pureblood Vampires Series 

Book One

The Beginning. 


"...Blessed be the LORD, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle..." 

Psalm 144:1 


The cold air was caressing my skin softly. The enormous trees remained in silence while I was walking beside them. My long dark hair fell to the end of my back, the wind brushing it gently. My t-shirt was so torn that it barely covered my breasts. My skirt was full of blood, as was my forehead and arms; at least it wasn't my blood.

I was walking barefoot following a lonely path; the clock almost ticking midnight with a notorious full moon illuminating my way. That full moon caused me almost my life; I had had to defend myself fighting a lunatic 'Cruentus', which means "Bloody" in Latin. A beast that doubled my size and fed on warm blood and flesh; Those beasts were usually calmed and fed on animals but when there was full moon, they could go crazy and kill anyone in their way.

Unfortunately for me I found one a few hours ago, when I was returning to my hideout. At least I managed to defeat that horrible Cruentus and I was still alive but a mess, my body was stained in blood.

I wanted to clean myself so bad and remove that stinky beast's blood off my body; it had a smell similar to putrefaction. I stopped breathing for minutes to avoid smelling the blood; my advanced sense of smell was sometimes a curse. I was a vampire, a neophyte. A newborn vampire as my people could call me, I was pretty near of the maturity age but I needed a few more years to develop my full abilities. All my senses were super developed: I had super strength and speed; but I didn't have any mind power yet.

As a vampire, I should soon be able to control one element of the four: water, fire, wind or earth. Purebloods vampires could control all the four elements and more variations of them to make things such as mud (water + earth). But I wasn't a pureblood, I was a converted vampire.

Converted vampires could control only one element; we were weak in front of purebloods. I had never faced a pureblood vampire in my whole life; they were famous by their coldness and cruelty. We, the converted ones, are in constantly fights with purebloods; I guess we were jealous of them. Besides, they always seemed to think they were the best of the underworld. I sighed; it was dangerous to walk alone in the night without energy. I could run fast and arrive to my hideout in minutes, but, I was too tired.

This path was long, but I needed to continue my way after all. Finally after half an hour I arrived to my hideout, where there lived my clan. We called ourselves the Assamites; our leader said we were unique and loyal. It was a normal clan formed by more than 15 vampires. But most of them were hunting and traveling, the regular ones consisted around 6 or 8 vampires.

I arrived to the entry of our hideout, it was underground. I had to let myself fall into it. There was a big corridor with doors each side; I walked trying to go unnoticed to my room.

"Morgan?" I heard someone say behind me; of course I couldn't go unnoticed in a vampire hideout.

"Ian." I greeted. In a second, he was in front of me checking me. He was taller than me. He had brown hair and chocolate eyes. He was handsome as vampires usually are; nature had made us attractive in order to get our victims.

"What happened to you? Are you okay?" he looked concerned, he was like my brother. We were always together since I was turned. He was older than me. For our bodies, you could say we were teenagers but I was actually 85 years old. Converted vampires reached maturity on their 100th birthday. Ian was already a mature vampire, he dominated the fire element.

"I'm fine. Just a Cruentus on the way" I said walking again to my room.

"A Cruentus? How is it that you're alive? Cruentus on a full moon are like a secure death to a young vampire like you," he said a little bit angry, I could notice it on his voice "You shouldn't go out when there is full moon, it's too dangerous and you know that." he continued.

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Pureblood Vampires Series (The beginning)

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