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My Soft Poems


I decided to publish this, this is all my poems since i got into writing them a few months back. I do hope this gets somewhere, becuase i am sorely tired of hearing that I needed to publish this. So here yall are, I hope yall like it! Oh, and some of these arent named, just to tell yall!




The Silver Orb


The silver orb,


Glowing above the emerald masses.


The whispers through the rustling branches.


The scarlet pool,shining in the semi-darkness,


Filling the air with it's sickly-sweet scent.


Like a lover holding his new found love,


Does her life stick to the hardened ground.


The ground, that has stayed underneath her,


Solid and steady, untill her last dying breath was taken.


From her lover's kiss good bye,


Does she spill the blood of her own,


To die a lonely death,


To start her world again.





Witches Play



The Silver Orb


A Samhain night


The perfect ritual


A couple of good freinds


Is all we need


To have a little fun.


The huge bonfires


A couple of drinks


The godess' blessing


A couple of good freinds


Is all we need


to be a little happy.



No haters near


Great freinds close


Is all we need


To have a great night!



The Five Elements


The yellow glow


The red tinge


The fiery breath


The flickering movements


This is Fire.



The endless blue road


The majestic waves


The wonderful life


The bountiful beauty


This is Water.



The humans cradle


The different melodies


The courageous creatures


The intresting inter-connections


This is Earth



The soundless whispers


The caressing winds


The cool, sweet breath


The sharp gusts


This is Air.



The mystical memories


The worlds beyond


The vast knowledge


The true insight


This is Spirit.




Heart of Mine


This heart of mine


Forever falling and breaking


For the ones that are fine


Pretend not to see me crying


For I shall love


The one that should be mine


Forever and always


Untill my life ends


This heart of mine


Shall be under lock and key


Till the one that should be mine


Comes seeking for me






People say I'm beautiful


But have they looked


Deep inside


To see the devil


That is there?


It hides


Waiting for the right time


To pounce on me


At my weakest point


Do they see


The devil that resides


Waiting to consume me


Because if they did


I'm sure thay would run.



Gothic Chick


I am the gothic chick


The one that hides


Forever feeling terrified


That she's not good enough

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