My Royal Mate...My Royal Love...My Royal Teacher...


As the alarm clock rings I lay silently in my bed praying that this is all just a bad dream.  I lived my entire life in the small town of Oceansdale until the day after the dreadful full moon on my 17thbirthday just three days ago.  


Madisson please come down stairs your father and I have something we need to discuss with you.  I jumped out of bed hoping they were going to discuss the safety rules of my new car they were going to surprise me with for my birthday.  As I jumped up on the stool at the breakfast bar and grabbed a muffin my body was just aching with excitement in hopes that my new car was in the garage and the keys would be in my hand any moment.  After I finished devouring my muffin I looked up at my parents and the look on their faces were a mix between horror, guilt, and confusion.  My father was the first one to speak and without warning he just blurted it out.  The next five minutes were a blur.  The only thing I could comprehend from my father's rambling was it is a full moon, your a werewolf, your first shift will be tonight, and we are moving tomorrow to a new town tomorrow to join the Royal Moon pack at request of the Alpha Royal.

----------------------------------------------end of flashback------------------------------------------------------------------

I finally jumped out of bed and headed to my bathroom to shower and get ready for my dreaded first day of school.  According to my mother we moved to this hideous town of Logandale so we can be among our fellow royal werewolves.  However, my father says we are moving due to the consequences we would face living 300 miles away from the Royal Moon pack and being a roque family is a disgrace due to my father's royal blood line.  

As I got out of the shower and looked in the mirror I couldn't help but wonder if what my new class would think of me.  I have always been popular and told that I was hot but I never could see what they were talking about.  I brushed my long dark wavy hair and applied a small amount of make up to try to make my bright blue eyes pop.  I walked into my closet to try to pick out a conservative outfit to try to fit in.  I settled with a blue hooded sweatshirt, dark skinny jeans, and my black converse. Most girls at my old school would dress very slutty trying to get attention from the popular guys but I have never wanted the attention, even though my body was very curvy and sexy for my age and would get all of the attention from the guys, if I would just show it off.  

I finally headed downstairs for breakfast listening to my parents make plans to add on to our modest home but they stopped their conversation as soon as I walked in the kitchen.  Mom let me take her Toyota to school so I didn't have to take the bus on my first day.  As I drove up to the school I noticed all of the students in the parking lot were just beautiful.  It was almost as they were not from this planet.  I looked around at the vehicles and noticed they were all very expensive cars.  I do not know how my parents could even afford to send me to this school, especially since I am pretty sure they do not have jobs yet in this new town.

I walked to the office and a nice plump purple haired lady named Dorothy greeted me with a friendly smile and passed me my schedule said have a great day Madisson Rain.  I walked away confused wondering how she new my name but I guess they don't get a lot new students in the school.  I looked at my schedule and saw that I had American History first period in hall 2 class room 14.  I headed down the hall and took a big breath before I entered the room.  Once I entered the room I noticed that the teacher was not in the class room yet but there was an empty chair in the back of the room next to what looked like the barbie sluts.  I took my desk at the back of the room and just sat their as the girls glared and the guys made perverted remarks that I was able to hear now with my enhanced senses that I have started noticing since my shift.  I sat with my head down when I felt an electric current flow through my stomach and my body started tingling all over and my panties started getting wet.  I could not understand what was happening to me and then the door opened and there stood the most handsome man that I have ever laid eyes on.  He stood there with hisKhaki pants, while collared shirt with his sleeves rolled up.  His black messy hair was just so sexy and when he ran his hand through his hair it made me want to just jump our of my chair and make mad passionate love to him right there in the middle of the classroom.  As he walked to his desk in the front of the classroom I noticed his look of confusion and he just kept shaking his head and saying it can't be so and then he looked up at me with those sexy blue eyes and we locked eyes and stared at each other as if nobody else was in the room.  He finally broke the trance we were in and introduced himself to the class as Mr. Kingston.  All of the barbie girls were in awe as he walked to the back of the room.  As he passed my desk I swore that I heard him say Madisson Rain my love you are finally here.  However, I knew I must be hearing things so I came to the conclusion that I am truly losing my mind.  

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My Royal Mate...My Royal Love...My Royal Teacher...


Lucy Haleas Madisson Rain
Tom Wellingas Drake Kingston
Catherine Zeta-Jonesas Mrs. Rain
Bradley Cooperas Mr. Rain

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