Broken Childhood



I was struggling for breath. I had been running for too long, but the men chasing me weren’t going to stop because I needed a rest. I hurtled round a corner and ran down towards the end of the alley. Then I saw the wall loom up out of the darkness before me.

No, this couldn't be!

I was trapped. It was a dead end.

Screw this. 

The men were still pursuing me, getting steadily closer to where I was. In other circumstances I could have fought them off – but right now I was exhausted. Besides, there were just too many of them. I had known exactly who they were from the first moment they started chasing me, but what could they possibly want from me?

Now wasn’t the time to be asking questions, I needed to find a way out of here.

While I had been fleeing, wherever I turned, I could see his people. There were even some on the rooftops, with silenced rifles pointing straight at my head. I knew one thing for sure: they wanted me alive, or they would have killed me by now.

However, that didn’t mean I was going to go quietly, or without a fight. I whipped around and dashed back the way I had come, retracing my steps to the alley entrance. I could hear the pounding tread of the men chasing me coming from my right so I turned left and ran for my life. Twice I stumbled, nearly falling over. The second time, I grasped the brick wall next to me for support and grazed the skin on my palms, making them bleed. Still, I carried on, until I turned another left.

I abruptly skidded to a halt because there was a limo in front of me. Around it, and now around me, was a large crowd of men, all armored and all equipped with an array of weapons.  A man's face emerged from behind a tinted window of the expensive car. He waved a signal, before his face disappeared and the limo drove off. Beside me, a man approached me with a cloth in his hands. I knew very well what he was going to do.

I fervently wished for a moment that my siblings would show up, but it was an impossible hope, as they were all on missions of their own. 

As the man got within my range, I simultaneously kneed him in the stomach and punched him in the face. [It was a brave move, but futile.]I was just eight years old and my slender body didn’t have the strength to send him sprawling across the ground, let alone injure him. He was dazed a little and the others launched themselves towards me, showing no mercy. I opted for a different approach other than brute force and used the muay thai technique, sending three of the men falling to the ground, unconscious.

It was my natural instinct to use my training, but as soon as I did it, I regretted it. No sooner had I moved, several guns were pointed at me, a man to my left shot a warning shot just inches away from my arm. I started to panic, knowing I was trapped and unequipped to deal with these people. I had never experienced this kind of situation in my life. I had had all sorts of training, but it was nothing compared to a real fight.

What was going to happen to me?

Would anyone know that I was gone?  

Would my siblings save me?

Questions raced through my mind, and in my panic I was unaware of another man approaching me. By the time I saw him, it was too late. He punched me in my side, winding me, then grabbed me roughly and slammed me into the brick wall with my hands pinned behind my back. I struggled to breathe and my vision blurred from the searing pain that shot up my arms. I started to feel my legs getting weak and then everything went black as I fell unconscious to the ground.  


Authour's Note: 

It is my first time writing and I would greatly appreciate any honest comments, criticsm or ideas whatsoever. Ask me if there is any questions. Vote if you think it is good? It is dedicated to MarcusFranco for helping me with this chapter and the upcoming ones too. It is great to have someone guide you through your first time! =)

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