Meet the extended Grey family


Hi there all you awsome peeps!

I had quite a bit of trouble putting this family together. I thought finding names for Alex's brothers and their mates was hard; but naming all 25 ( count them: freaking t-w-e-n-t-y   f-i-v-e ) cousins was hard!

And to make it worse; you should have heard how much the brothers argued with me about the names I gave their kids.

But after a long battle - luckily no actual shifters were harmed during the naming of their kids - the deed is done. So I wanted to give you all a heads up; the first chapter of Tyler's story is underway; but I felt that you might need a super fast introduction to the entire Grey family, so here they are:

(gender and age will appear in brackets after the name, ie: Tyler (m;7)

Alex and Cassy:

Tyler (m;7) & Rebeccah (f;7) & Audrey (f;7)

Sean (m;4)

Ellie (f;1)

Brian and Sam:

Elrick {or Ricky as you already know him} (m;7)

Graham (m;5) & Genna (f;5)

Nicola (f;2)

Carter and Tina: - Tina is 4 months pregnant  with twins

Paige (f;4)

Liam (m;2)

Conrad and Grace:

Conell (m;6) & Tess (f;6)

Hope (f';3)

Faith (f; 2 months old)

Derrick and Liz: - liz is 8 months pregnant

Tristan (m;5)

Erica (f;4) & Lillian (f;4)

Dennis and Amanda:

Quinn (m;6)

Warren (m;5) & Lacey (f;5)

Ellain (f;1)

Ethan and Lucy:

Nathan (m;4) & Bria (f;4)

Hank (m;1)

Please remember that these are the ages as at the start of the story; as the years go by their ages go up and I will not keep on sticking their ages in there; unless it is for a reason.  So; please try to keep up; or else refer back to this page for reference.

Thank you all once again and I hope that you will find Cry Wolf just as fun as 7 mates for 7 brothers.


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