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I opened my eyes and for the first time in a long time smiled.

The sun was gleaming through the curtains bathing the whole room in a warm golden glow. It was smiling, just like me.

Last night was great. After Gabriel confessed everything to me and I told him I needed time to think about, he said that was ok and gave a mind numbing kiss before he left.

The goodbye for the moment kiss was supposed to be just that, but it frenzied out of control and turned hot and heavy. It started as a simple kiss and before I could say a word he curled an arm around me, his palm flat on the small of my back. That small touch was a jolt and I bit my lip to stop a gasp. He stepped closer, pulling me to him, letting me know how badly he wanted me. He smelled of wood, summer rain and pure male all mixed together.

He picked me up and sat me on the kitchen islander. Pressing me back he devoured my mouth. Hot needy, intoxicating. He eased my thighs open and stepped in between my legs.

He flushed his body against mine and I gasped. He was hard, pulsing; I could feel him through our cloths.

He groaned when I rubbed myself against him and I smiled. I liked the way I was affecting him.

His hands slid down my leg and he hitched one on his hip. The other leg came up and did the same automatically.

He pulled away and I met his gaze. His dark green gaze was captivating. He smiled a predatory smile and leaned down to feast on my neck. He unbuttoned the first few buttons of my shirt and groaned.

The way he was looking at me told me loud and clear he liked what he saw.

I laughed, amazed at what he was making me feel. It had been a long time since I laughed during sex.

One hand of his cupped my beast while the other slid down to my navel. He pressed a finger at my belly button, and sparks shot straight down.

I gasped and sucked in a breath but was instantly knocked out again when his wondering hand reached down between my legs.

His mouth captured a nipple and his finger slid inside me.

“Lexi, baby… oh my god! You’re hot and tight, so damn tight”. He mumbled against my nipple. The words vibrated against my nipple and I moaned. He worked his expert finger in me and I was almost there, tearing on the edge when my phone rang.