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Teenagers (Frerard/Frikey)


Frank's POV 

Highschool was horrible for a short, awkward, "emo", guitarist. Life was horrible for a short, awkward, "emo", guitarist. Definitely if the only people who truly cared were a family that were half way across the country. Since I was just a little boy I lived right down the street from the Way family. Me and Mikey were best friends. Gerard though. Gerard was just plain mean. He always teased me, even went as far as hitting me sometimes, hard. I honestly hated him. I only put up with him so that I could be around Mikey. Sometimes I would get a feeling that I wanted Mikey. Like really wanted Mikey. At a young age I didnt really know what it meant so I ignored it. Over the years Ive realized that I am in fact gay. No one knows. Only me. My moms homophobic. My dads dead. I have no friends but a razor. Mikeys not here. Donna and Donald are like my parents. I miss them. I was going to do anything to see them again, even Gerard. 

My mind shifted to Gerard and Mikey. When me and my mom moved it was because of a job. Yea we had a lot of money. That didnt mean anything though. When I left Mikey and I were like the rocker best friends. He played bass and I played guitar. It annoyed the shit tits out of Gerard when we played. He hated the music we loved. Gerard. He was a player. He had tan skin, a perfect face, and the perfect body. Every girl wanted him and almost every girl got him. I would be lying if I said I didnt find him attractive. Surprisingly, him and Mikey got along most of the time. Except for when Gerard was being dirty and when Mikey was playing. Thinking about them got me upset. But then I got determined. 


"Mom?" I asked coming in to the living room. "What" she snapped. I sighed. No point in wasting time. "Listen" I said. "You dont like me. Thats obvious. You dont want me here. I know someone who will want me here. Then you can bring home guys without me getting in the way. If its okay with Donna, which it will be, I wanna go live with them" I said. Yea by the way my moms as bad as Gerard. Sad really. She looked at me. "Ill pay. Ive been waiting to get you out of this house." 

I called Donna and she said it was perfectly fine. I was flying back to New Jersey tomorrow and I couldnt wait. 


I slammed the car door without a goodbye to my mom. Walking to the plane was a great feeling. I was so excited knowing Id get to see Mikey again. I missed him so much.. I missed Donna and Donald too. They were like my true family. I was more comfortable around them than I was my own. 


I took a cab to the Ways house, still knowing  the directions. When we arrived I jumped out and got my stuff. For a guy I had a lot of clothes and eyeliner. Plus my guitar. I wonder if Mikey still played bass. I missed playing with him. Taking a deep breathe, I knocked on the door. Automatically it swung open. There stood Donald. We stood awkwardly for a few minutes before he pulled me into an unexpected hug. 

"I missed you boy" he said. I laughed and hugged him back. I had missed him too. Donna appeared in the doorway. "Frankie" she squealed and hugged me. "Is your mom still hurting you?" I nodded at the same time she sighed. 


After all the greetings I had made my way to my new room to get settled. The room was fairly big. I liked it, just the right size. I heard a knock on my door and Mikey opened it. We smiled at each other. I still couldnt believe I was back here. It stilled smelled the same, like cinnamon. I hadnt seen a glimpse of Gerard. It was weird. Usually he was always out of his room, chatting. It had been 2 years though. Maybe he changed. 

"Hey wheres Gerard? I havent seen him since Ive been here. He used to be out of his room all the time. Is he still with girls all the time?" I ased Mikey after he had settled on my bed next to me. He sighed. Oh god it didnt sound good. 

"Gerards.... different. I cant remember the last time he was with a girl. When you were gone he just became depressed. Slowly he stopped coming out of his room as much. Barely had girls over. He barely ate. His grades are getting worse by the day. He doesnt yell at me like he used to when I play. He just seems.... not there anymore. Like hes empty ya' know? I wish I could understand what was wrong. He wont talk to anyone. Ivve seen scars on his wrist before. His hair is black and always messily around his face. He sings now. Ive heard him in his room. Hes amazing. All he wears is black. He wears eyeliner now too. I dont know why it suddenly all hit but it did. Sometimes I hear him crying, others I hear him smashing things. Our parents tried to help but soon they just ignored it. Dont get me wrong they love Gerard. They love him so much. They just dont know how to help." 

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