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Lena walked into school grinning. She was talking to Lola happily. Suddenly, the bell rang and Lena headed off to her locker. As she got her books she noticed a pair of Jordans. Lena rolled her eyes. Anger ran thorugh her like a pack of wolves. Leo's eyes were pleading. There were dark circles under his eyes, yet he had a smile plastered to his face. Immediately, she stomped away. Leo caught up with her. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her to him. His smell of soap and boy. Lena stopped moving. Their bodies were close. Too close for comfort. Irritated, Lena dragged him into a janitor's closet.

" You have about 5 minutes to talk. Starting now." 

Leo took a deep breath, "Lena, I-I'm so sorry. I was a total idiot and should have never talked to you like that. You were right to slam the door in my face. I deserve I kick in the balls, but....... Anyway, Lena I need to make it up to you," Leo looked into her eyes before he contiued. "I am going to let you ask me anything. Do anything, whatever you want." 

Lena stared at him for a minute. Questions whizzed around in her head, but none of them seemed to be the right one. Finally it hit her like a sack of bricks. 

" Why? Why are you so nice to me? You went from rude to nice in like three days. Leo, what changed you? I'm a geek. You're one of the most popular guys in school. Yet your nice to me." Lena said.   

Leo shrugged his shoulders. Lena's questions rang true. Why did he talk to her?

" Because I realized that one, I wasn't getting out of it. You're not that bad. Your smart, nice, beautiful and soo much more. At first Jess wanted me to like fake friend you. Then hurt you. That seemed a little girly so I said no. I was planning on getting you fired, but I remebered you saying you REALLY needed this job. And you are kinda funny, and smart, and patience, and really pretty." Leo trailed off to himself. Lena blushed. His eyes widened as he realized what he had said. Soon they both were red. It was quiet for a few seconds until Lena said something.

" I accept your apology. But you're on probabtion. Do something and tick me off and consider yourself enrolled in summer school. And I'l keep that favor in mind." Lena said with attitude.

Leo's entire face brightened. He was practically grinning from ear to ear. Twisting the handle, Lena opened the door and walked out. Leo follwed her example and exited the small, cramped closet. The hallway was empty. Nobody had saw them. When Leo realized they weren't seen he released a breath he didn't know he was holding. Lena strode away from him and to her class.

" Where are you going?" Leo called.'

" Doofus, it's called school. The big place where you learn. A magical place where jocks, emos, stoners, and evil girls can gather and actually LEARN." Lena said dripping sarcasm. Rolling his eyes, Leo headed in the opposite direction. He shook his head and silently laughed as he walked away. Lena was funny, he had to admit it.


It had been a two weeks since she and Leo made up. They hung out after school, even on days when they didn't have tutoring. Jessica was even nastier to Lena. She and her groupies and jumped Lena in the bathroom. When Leo found her with scratches and bruises, she lied and gave him a weak lie. Leo, deep down, didn't believe it, but he didn't delve into the subject any further. Instead, he cleaned her cuts. Later that week, Lena's clothes went missing after gym. She went to change back and they were missing. In their place was a garbage bag with arm and leg holes. Leo let her wear his emergency clothes. Lena knew Jessica took them, but didn't tell Leo. Slowly, things were getting worse. Threats in her locker, and harsh rumours. Leo was blind to it all. In his eyes Jessica did not evil. In reality, she was a bully, but Lena didn't let it phase her. Lola was sworn to secrecy after learning the truth. She didn't need any help. Help showed weakness. Help was for the weak. And Lena was everything but weak.

Friday was warm and sunny. Quite different from how the day went. Lena's day slowly began to spiral down.  She woke up and got her usual ride from her mom. Mr. Vincent and her mom were going on a business trip to Seattle for a week. They left tomorrow. Mr. Vincent insisted that she stay with Leo. He said no teenaged girl should have to stay home alone for a week. So now she got to hang with Leo for a week. Cool. As Lena stepped on the school grounds, everything was silent. Everyone was staring at her. People were staring into their phones and then back at her. Leo sat at the head of his table. His friends all scattered next to him, snickering.

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