A beachy Affair

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Dedicated to my number two luve you my aussie!!!







I walked across the sand 

feeling it sink between my feet 

seagulls above 

Going screech Screech Screech




I stop and stare 

at the sea so blue 

closing my eyes 

I wish to feel some thing new



Something not experience 

something of the amazing kind



I stood there for how long? 

Heat caressed my neck  

making me gasp 

Of the delight kind



wetness of the tongue kind 

hit my decolete 

making my head fall back 

only to hit a hardness 

The chest kind



I gasped with pleasure 

as I was flipped and kissed 

The feelings coming 

of the deep kind



I moaned aloud  

not a care of the world 

eyes shut not a care of who had dared 

my hands gripped hair of the medium length kind



My hips moved forward 

grinding into a strong, hard muscle 

Of the naughty kind



my straps ripped apart 

laying me bare for all to see 

yet my needs so high  

of the wanton kind



in me in me screamed my brain 

body heating up  

like lava of the volcanoe kind



fingers teached my bud  

making me buckled backwards 

of the surrender kind



in out it went in me 

making me moan and move 

hearing a groan of the needy kind



I scream as I came wanting to kiss him so 

wanting him to.be on me  

of the desperate kind



I reached above gripping hard to a naked shoulder 

feeling a tip 

of the beyond pleasure kind



Enter it did throwing me over board 

water hitting my body 

as we moved at our own accord



gripping him hard I screamed into oblivion 

rising grabbing him hard 

of the hug kind



i heard him moan and then groan 

spilling himself in me 

Of the seeding soil kind



I lay back panting 

the feelings come 

of the bliss kind



I opened my eyes 

to see whom pleasured me



I wanted to to say but nothing came out 

As when I looked there was noone around








Hey Edibles hope you like it its a little sorry for late uploading of chapters. It was a quickie lol for me to write you dirty minded fans lol hehehe


comment and vote yes it needs editing i know xoxoxo Ms Shaz Evil Edible




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A beachy Rendevous

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