An Office Affair

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He always screwed me with his eyes. Whether walking past me or across the room, I could feel it, and without a doubt, they were always fixed on me, like a magnet.

I'd been working at the firm three years when Micah came in as a Legal Assistant a year ago. I really didn't think much of him upon introductions, in fact, I snubbed him, but there were always the head turns or glances in passing and from across the office. Admittedly, I liked the attention from a good-looking guy, and within weeks, I could feel a crush developing. I started playing Micah's game back, and shortly after, my crush turned into lust controlling me, and deep down, I coveted him, despite rumored facts that he went through women as much as he showered.

We continued exchanging glances from afar, and we barely spoke for the first two months. Eventually, we engaged in brief conversation consisting of the usual hello, goodbye and how are you's. Micah and I shared the same small group of individuals who socialized outside of the office, but even in those social situations, he mostly stayed to himself but would intently watch me when he thought I wasn't paying attention.

Upon departing from the group after Friday night happy hour, I said goodbye and he reached out to give me a high five. Really? A high-five? Our co-workers were busy in their own side discussions as I returned the gesture and shied away from his glare. My body tingled as our skin touched. “See you soon,” he said, wrapping his hand around mine, as if he didn't want to let go. I pulled away from his grip and looked down and rand my hand through my hair. “Yeah, see ya.”

I turned to walk to my car, peeking over my shoulder to see him still standing there, watching me, when his good friend and fellow co-worker, Jay, nudged him as if to tell him “lets go,” breaking his eyes away from me. I drove through the parking lot and Micah's car approached my direction. As he drove past, he flashed me a a sexy smirk.

A smile that screamed “Do me!” A smile that made me want to tear his clothes off.

The scenario that following Monday morning at the office was odd. I was staring out the window into the cloudy sky and saw Micah's car pull up out of the corner of my eye. My heart pounded as I reached in my purse to give myself a quick once over.

He hopped up the steps and walked through the main doors, muttering a quick “hey” as he walked past me. The rest of the day was quiet and Micah did not say anything else, in fact, he avoided me and retreated to the opposite end of the office, keeping distance. He completely ignored my existence, except for his staring.

What. The. Fuck.

Jay made his way into work and greeted me as normal with a hug and peck on the cheek. “How you feeling, doll?”

“Alright.”  He started to walk away. “Hey, Jay?”

He stopped in his tracks and turned around. “What's up?”

“Well – uh- did Micah say anything about me to you?”

“No, why? Something happen?”

“No, never mind.” I lied.

“You sure? You wouldn't ask for no reason.”

“I'm sure. Thanks, Jay.”

He politely shrugged me off went to his office space and I got up to go to the ladies' room, when rounding the corner, I bumped chest-to chest into guess who? He put his hands on my arms and we looked at each other, startled. I flushed and quickly snapped out of it, pissed. I said nastily, “don't run me over,” to which he replied with a sneer, “I'll try.”

I broke away from him and hustled past him to the restroom. I forced the door to the bathroom shut despite its hydraulics. I leaned over the sink, baffled, yet trying to compose the rage building up inside my chest.