Part 1

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Arabella's P.O.V

"Once upon a time there lived two cute little boys who were the best of friends in the whole wide world. They were born on the same day and named Prince Alex and Prince Ryan from Leandre. Even though they were the future Kings of opposite parts of Leandre they always got a way to see each other. And as the time went on their friendship grew stronger and stronger. From riding bikes to getting tutors to throwing parties they were always side by side. One stormy afternoon while sitting in the castle the boys thought they heard someone by the door. When they opened the door there was the most beautiful princess in all the land. Both boys instantly fell in love with Princess Arabella and so their first fight began...

Princess Arabella however was possessed by the evil witch Zardia . Her soul was pure black with only one goal. To take over the Kingdoms. Prince Ryan and Prince Alex didn't want this fight between them to continue and so they asked the Princess to choose who she wanted to marry. The witches plan was working and she was ecstatic. Her plan was to marry one Prince, and then poison him. Once she had killed the first King she would simply marry the other and so she would be able to rule both Kingdoms! Since she could sense that Prince Alex was more influenced by her love spell than prince Ryan she knew he would forgive her for not choosing him at first. And so she gave her answer. She was to marry Prince Ryan before the next full moon. Prince Alex was devastated. And Prince Ryan was thrilled. But Prince Ryan looked at his friends hurt face and he wanted nothing more in the world than to make his best friends pain go away.

Suddenly it was like a fog was lifted from Prince Ryan. The power of their friendship broke the love curse that the evil witch Zardia put on him. He did however not say anything in fear that the witch would escape. As soon as he could sneak away Prince Ryan went to the best spirit healer in the castle and with the help of the spirit healer and the Kings army the evil witch Zardia was destroyed and with her the love curse that was put on Prince Alex. But as soon as Princess Arabella awoke from the terrible ordeal the evil witch put her through, and looked into Prince Alex 's eyes her heart beat accelerated. Prince Alex just couldn't look away from her eyes that had turned from gray to the most breathtaking sky blue color. And so it was love at first sight. Prince Ryan was extremely happy to have his best friend back and was also honored when Prince Alex asked him to be his best man.

But the story did not end there. On Princess Arabella and Prince Alex's wedding day the beautiful songs that the birds were singing were soon interrupted when the evil witch Zardia's true love, Warlock Zorgan, arrived to take revenge on Prince Alex and his bride for the death of his beloved. He used his powers and threw Prince Alex and princess Arabella into a strange new dimension. In this dimension, after countless times of trying to get back to their kingdom, they started to live a normal life. They were no longer royalty, they were no longer immortal and they no longer had any power.

The Prince and princess however did not let this get them down. They accepted their new life and except for the worry about their Kingdom they were happy. After a few years they even had a little baby girl who was even more beautiful than the princess herself. And so - with their little family , who may not have been rich but was full of love - they lived happily ever after." I finished the story looking expectantly into the sky blue eyes of my daughter.

"But mom what about the kingdom? What happened to prince Ryan? And there really should be dragons in the story," Reyna commented with her arms crossed in an unhappy manner across her chest.

"I don't know what happened to the kingdom or Prince Ryan, baby girl. This is how my story ends. But maybe one day you will be able to write your own story. Now how does that sound?" I asked while tucking her into bed.