'My Own Prison' by Creed


That fateful day, i don't remember much of it,

It was a stormy gray night,

"Court is in session!" yelled the gaurd,

I had put no appeal for the docket, only my sin. I knew what was coming, a verdict had already been made. The judge yelled my sentance. Death. In solitary. I was led out by the guards. the shackles chiming off each other like church bells.

It was a long ride. When we finally got there they searched me, though, it wasn't nessisary. they smacked me with their batons.

Every thing a blurr, they led me down to solitary. The walls were cold and pale, the cage made of steal. Screams fill the room, or my head? Alone I drop to a kneel. Silence now, my breath the only sound and motion around, demons clutter around me, but my face shows no emotion.

I am shackled by my sentance, as a expect no return. Here, there is no penance as my skin begins to burn.

I held my head high, that day, hiding the hate that lies inside. Here we're all held captive from the sun, well most of us the sun only shines on some, and we, the meek, are all in one.

That night I heard thunder in the distance and i saw a vision of the cross. I feel that pain, that pain that was given on that sad day of loss. The lion roars in the darkness, and only he holds the key. The key to a light that will free me from my burden and grant me life eternely.

Should have been dead on a sunday morning, banging me head, should of had no time for mourning, ain't got no time now.

I cry out to god, only seeking his decision. Gabriel stands by him conferming, conferming i've made my own prison.


this might have helped earlier to understand this but maybe you caught it? this guy is supposed to be a delusional, phsyofrantic, suecidal phsyco path.

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