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Its Complicated (Bruno Mars and Phil Lawrence fanfiction)


*Phil's POV*

"Do you think we'll have a girl or boy then?" I asked Kayla while editing vlog footage.

"I feel like it might be a girl. Or a boy. I'm not sure." Kayla chuckled.

"You thought of any names yet?" she asked.

"Hmm. I like Arla for a girl." I suggested.

"I like Brayd for a boy." Kayla smiled.

"That's cute! What about middle names? You still want to stick with American places?" I asked.

"Yeah. How about Arla Pheonix Lawrence if it's a girl, and Brayd Orlando Lawrence of it's a boy?" Kayla suggested.

Arla Pheonix and Brayd Orlando. That's adorable.

I nodded, and pulled Kayla into a hug.

"I miss the twins.." I whined.

"Me too. Just a few more days though." Kayla sighed in return.

"How about when they get back we take all of the kids to Disneyland?" I suggested.

"Sounds fun!" Kayla laughed.

Cries from Denholm and Bentley's room could be heard. Kayla groaned miserably.

"They barely slept all night last night, and I only put them down for a nap half an hour ago." Kayla sighed.

"You go pick Kaisa up from nursery and take him out for lunch, I'll sort the little guys out." I said, kissing Kayla gently on the lips.

Kayla left the house and I headed upstairs to the baby boys' room.

"Hey, my little men." I cooed, scooping them both up.

They stopped crying almost immediately. I grabbed a couple of blankets and we headed downstairs.

I resumed my position on the couch. I tucked the twins under my arms, wrapped in blankets, and continued editing the vlog. Within minutes they were both sound asleep.

*Kayla's POV*

Kaisa was getting sick, so we had to leave the play area early. I held his hand as we walked into the house.

I helped him take his shoes off and we went into the living room.

The first thing I saw was Phil, Denholm and Bentley cuddled up together, sound asleep and Phil's laptop balancing on his lap.

I sat Kaisa on the couch and pulled my phone out. I snapped a picture of my sleepy heads and posted it to instagram.

Too much cuteness for one photo #sleepy #adorable #daddysboys @philsmeeze

Within just a few minutes it had 176 likes.

"Come on Kai, let's go to the playroom." I whispered, taking hold of his hand and tiptoe-ing silently out of the room.

I closed the playroom door quietly behind me and we headed to the bookshelf to look for a story.

"Can we read Hug Me?" Kaisa asked.

"Sure babe." I smiled, taking it from the shelf and sitting in the comfy armchair with Kaisa on my lap.

I began reading the story, and both me and Kaisa fell asleep.


"Kay, Kaisa has rugby practice. I'll take him, and the little ones too. We'll be back about seven. I'll bring us back some dinner." Phil whispered in my ear.

I sat up to kiss Phil goodbye and he paused as his lip were about to meet mine.

My head started spinning, and I felt really nauseous all of a sudden.

Phil knew what was coming and quickly grabbed the waste basket from the corner of the room. I took it from him and threw up.

When I was finished, I couldn't stop shivering. Phil wrapped a blanket around my shoulders, guided me out of the playroom and up the stairs.

"I'm gonna run you a hot bath. I'll call Shay and tell him to run Kai to rugby training." Phil said, hugging me.

I nodded into his chest.

*Bruno's POV*

We were in the car on our back home from the marketplace. We had been there since 8am. Me, my dad, Eric, Naya, Luca, Maddi, Louis and Liam. My dad, Eric and Liam were heading to the mall, and I was taking the kids to the beach to meet Carly and Mack.

I pulled up at the beach parking area and turned round to find all four of the kids sound asleep. I took out my phone and took a photo.

I couldn't leave them in here, but I didnt want to wake them either. So I text Carly.

To: Carly
From: Bruno

Hey, could you come to beach parking area? Kids are sleeping x.

A few minutes later I saw Carly walk up the hill holding Mack's hand. I waved, and they both waved back at me.

I got out of the car and greeted Carly with a hug.

Then, I heard a stifled sob.

"Hey, hey, hey, don't cry. What's up?" I hummed, trying to sooth her.

"Everything." Carly sobbed.

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