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Twice The Love, Twice The Hate. I Just Had To Fall For Twins.


                I walk into the new school feeling terrified. I tried to keep casual on the outside though as I walked into the main office and up to the lady at the desk. “Um, hi. I’m Luna. I need my schedule,” I said and she nodded and typed away at the computer.

                Something printed and she grabbed it and handed it to me. I thanked her and left the main office. I walked out and checked my schedule. Room 2212. I had no friggin clue where that was.  I looked around desperately.


                I turned to face another girl. She gave me a kind smile and took my schedule, scanning it. “Hey! I have 7 periods with you. I can show you around if you want?” I smiled at her. “Thanks, I would love that!”

                She handed me my schedule. “I’m Newt.” “Luna.” We shook hands and she led me to my locker. I did the combination and opened it. I put a few things away before Newt led me towards first period.

                “So Luna, may I ask what school you’re coming from?” “You just did.” She chuckled. “I’m coming from a high school in a different state. My mom got a job offer here and she took it so here I am!”

                Newt nodded in sympathy. I mentally sighed. Moving was hard enough. Now I had to make new friends and adjust to a new school and state at the same damn time.

                “Anyone I should watch out for?” I asked her, frowning. I hated assholes. They pissed me off. I got into a lot of fights with jackasses. Newt looked thoughtful. A scowl appeared on her face.

                “Type Saunders, and the twins. Just stay away from them,” she said, shaking her head. “And they are…?” She glanced back up. “Well, the twins are pretty easy to figure out. They’re the only set of identical twins in our grade and they’re usually together. Type Saunders is the tall, scary guy who’s always walking with the twins.”

                I gave her a confused look. Huh? She laughed. “Trust me, you’ll figure it out quick. I’ll point them out when we see them.” I sighed and thanked her as we entered first period.


                Second period study hall rolled around and Newt led me to the room. We sat down together. “I’ll be right back. I have to go make up a math quiz.” She got up, talked to the teacher, and left the room to make up her quiz.

                I leaned back in my seat, unsure of what to do. I pulled a book out of my bag and began to read as the bell rang and kids hurried through the door.

                Someone tapped my shoulder and I jumped and spun around. “Oh-Sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you,” he said sincerely. He was…adorable! He had dark black hair, pale skin, thin lips, and muddy eyes. His features were sharp and defined. He had a lip ring and a nose ring.

                He was wearing a Sleep With One Eye Open T-shirt with a checkered wristband and a black choker. He had on black skinny jeans.

                I shook my head. “It’s alright.” He nervously played with his lip ring. His eyes were narrowed and he would look mean if it weren’t for the vulnerable look in his muddy eyes. “I was just wondering if you maybe had a pencil I could borrow?”

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