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Fear Is Just A Game: A Jonathan Crane Love Story (Scarecrow)

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Faes POV

The first time I met Mr Crane was in college, I was studying for a phycology degree and he was my professor, he was brilliant, passionate, handsome and amazing, but, he found me stupid, which was a heart-breaking fact for me because I was harbouring a small, pathetic crush for him, but that was five years ago, it doesn’t count now…..right?


“Truth or dare”? Casey asked me, her eyes glinting with mischief, or was it vodka? With Casey, I could never even tell, but either way I felt uncomfortable, but, I wanted, as any new student wanted, to make a good impression on a new group of friends “Err, truth I guess”. Casey pouted, obviously this was not the choice she had wanted or was expecting. “Aww, come on Fae, please? Just this once, goes for a dare”. I groaned inwardly, however, I wanted to be accepted so I sighed a small sigh of defeat “fine. Dare.” She squealed and clapped her hands “YAY, now…..” I didn’t like that look, and I looked around my new group of 'friends' and I saw that they were either looking at me with amusement or pity, obviously they had had some experiences with Casey’s dares and they were, for want of a better word, hard-core. I just hoped they wouldn’t be too embarrassing.

“I dare you to….streak! Just down our dorms corridor!” I gasped “but, I could get expelled”. At this point, making new friends seemed to become a smaller priority. Then one of the guys in the corner 'helpfully' piped up and said “not if you are wearing at least a bra and pants, its in the guidebook, a loophole”. I grimaced, but, took a swig of vodka and undid my skirt. Thank god I was wearing some nice underwear today, the girls cheered while the guys in the corner looked a lot more interested in the game now that something a little more exciting had happened.

I peaked around the corner and checked down the corridor, the coast was clear, so I ran to the end of one corridor and no one appeared, but, just as I was reaching the door to my dorm, disaster struck! Mr Crane just walked around the corner with a look of deep thought, then he looked up at me (I was frozen in pure horror) and he just raised one eyebrow with a thoroughly disappointed look on his face and walked back from where he had just come, I felt my face go very red and shook myself to get moving again. I walked back inside to a mixed reaction, many people were giggling furiously at the thought of me being seen in next to nothing while some of the other guys were STILL ogling me. I guess those years of swimming paid off. I shrugged off their laughter but inside felt furious at myself. Great! First time you see him outside of lessons, and instead of wowing him with your out of classroom wardrobe and witty intellect, your drinking AND indecent, way to go Fae, I mentally applauded myself. I'll be lucky if he even acknowledges me now, I’d already been having a hard time getting him to support my hypothesis. Too late now anyway, the damage had been done.

As the game went on, I quickly learned that dares were probably a bad idea, when my turn came back around, some of the guys smirked, obviously thinking of my previous dare. “Faaaaeeeee! Trwouth oorrr daaareeee”. Casey shouted then giggled, she seemed pissed. “truth, I don’t trust your dares anymore” the girls smiled but the guys looked disappointed.

“fine, be that way”. Shrugged Casey with another pout, but she quickly found happiness in another shot. Then she started whispering in her neighbours ear trying to work out a suitably embarrassing truth for me to answer. I watched them warily as they collased into fits of giggles. This didn’t bode well for me. “Fae” started Chloe, the girl next to Casey “remember you have to tell the truth, because this is your TRUTH” I moaned out loud, this didn’t seem like a good start “yes, ok”. She smirked: “which one of our male professors do you think is the handsomest?” The whole room collapsed into laughter at my discomfort, should I tell them? Would they ridicule me? Fuck it. It was truth telling time, so that’s exactly what I'd tell.

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Cillian Murphyas The Scarecrow
Nikki Reedas Fae
Heath Ledgeras Joker
David Tennantas Riddler
Gerard Butleras Killer Croc
Russell Howardas Mad Hatter
Stephen Fryas Penguin
Scarlett Johanssonas Poison Ivy

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