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Seeing Angels (On Hold)

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The weird thing about always haveing a boy hang around you is that at any point in time you feel as if you'll fall flat on your face. And I did not like that i was constently watching girls sneak glances at the new kid, or hearing then gossip about him.

The other weird thing too was that he didn't seem to notice, not once did he wink at them or flirt like other boys did, it bugged the hell out of me.

Every class, James, the new kid sat next to me. And every day he followed me to lunch, to my car, and some times was waiting for me when I got to school. Not that i was deprived of boys attention, well i am, but it was just odd.

One day, about a month later, I was feed up. He and I were eating lunch on the feild and i was tried of watching the girls keep walking by to get  a look at him. He was in a middle of a sentence when i cut him off.


“Can’t you see all the girls watching you?” I hissed through my teeth as I watched a group of girls walk by for the third time since James and I had sat here. I took a bite of my chicken nugget as he looked around.  When he was done looking he shrugged and took a drink of his soda.

“Aye, I do.” Was all he said, I frowned at him. What type of guy wouldn’t get all high and mighty when he realized that? Apparently him, I thought to myself.

James was attractive with his dark hair and his forest green eyes and his amazing thick Irish accent and just the thought of him not caring about that was shocking. I stared at him curious, but still frowned.

“Why aren’t you?--” I asked not completing my question. James looked up at me his green eyes bright as he raised a brow in question.

“Were you going to ask why I am not looking for a girl?” He asked with a bit of glee in his eye. I bit my lip as I nodded. James gave me a cute lopsided smile and looked away. He was silent for a moment.

“—their not my type.” Was all James said and shrugged again, still smiling? I snorted in disbelief and ate another nugget as he again looked over and watched me.

“Yea right.” I said and met his gaze.

“Why would you say that?” James asked with a curious grin. I shrugged and looked away from him. But he waited for an answer so I sighed.

“You’ve been here almost an entire month and all those girls that go here want to date you, get to know you. But you just ignore them.—“I looked at him. “Why?” He blinked for a moment his face full of surprise.

“Wait—all those girls!!!—“His face lit with pleasure.” They like me? Really?” he asked surprised. I stared at him.

He’s crazy!!!!! I thought to my self. He’s probably retarded if he thinks that no one likes him or wants to date him.

“Yea—“I said really slowly as if I was afraid James would do something weirder.

His grin and face was so happy I stared at him when the bell rang. He got up grabbed my garbage with a wink to me as he grabbed his backpack.

“See you Teresa.” I watched him go.

“Something’s definitely wrong with that boy.” I said as I got up myself and grabbed my bag to meet the schools crisis counselor. The one place James didn’t follow me, in pure hell.


School was over, and I was tried of hearing sympathetic speeches and sounds and looks coming from the crisis counselor from hell, Miss Victoria Melomn. Yea what a hell of a last name right?

I left Crisis Corner class; walked to the parking lot and made my way to my car, my baby, was one of my favorite all time cars, a bright green GTO, installed with a brand new Hemi motor. My baby was in fact was my junior project when I was in Auto shop.

My aunt had said I should do Spanish more than the already two years I contributed to that language. Languages were easy for me to learn. I had decided that instead of taking Spanish again. I would continue with Auto shop on my senior year.

And now near the end of my senior year I was still mot sure what college I would be going to. I could go to any college I wanted if I worked hard enough. With my photographic memory I was probably the smartest person for miles around this small town in the middle of California.

Slowly, alone in the large mass of kids I caught sight of James heading my way; he had a grin plastered on his face.

“Teresa!!!” He said as he met my strides. “How was Crisis Corner?” He asked sympathetically. I groaned as we made it to my car. I unlocked the door and tossed my bag in as I answered.

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