First Ryland one shot

#imagine you're on vacation in California and you're staying at an old friends house. You get there and the first thing you notice is that your friend is neighbors with an extremely hot guy. You walk up to the front door and ring the doorbell, feeling that guys eyes on you as you stand there waiting for her to answer the door. She never answers it, so you text her asking her why she isn't answering the door. She texts back saying she had to go take her mom to a doctors appointment and won't be back for another hour. You sigh and sit on their porch with your suitcase next to you. That guy walks over to the house and asks you, "Why are you sitting outside (your friends name)'s house?"

You look up and say, "I'm spending the week here with her, we were best friends back in (wherever state you're from) before she moved."

He replies, "oh, well I'm Ryland by the way, Ryland Lynch." He holds his hand out for you to shake.

"I'm Y/N." You reach out and shake his hand. You feel a weird feeling in your stomach when you touch him, but you ignore it. It's probably just jet lag sinking in.

"Nice to meet you Y/N. Would you like to maybe hang out at my house until (friends name) gets back?"

"Yah sure." You stand up and grab your suitcase ready to carry it over the grass when Ryland steps behind you and picks up the suitcase for you.

"Thanks." You smile.

You guys walk over to his house and go up to his room to play video games. You guys laugh while fighting over how you kick his butt in Call Of Duty. Your friend texts you shortly after saying she's back at the house wondering where you are.

"Oh it's (friends name), she's back, I guess I should go over there now." You say a little sadly, you were having so much fun with Ryland.

"Oh okay." Ryland says, hiding his sadness. "Maybe sometime while you're here, we could hang out again."

"I'd like that." You smile as you walk downstairs and grab your suitcase before walking across the yard to your friends house where when she sees you, she runs up and tackles you in a huge hug. "I missed you so much y/n."

"I missed you too (friends name)."

You walk inside, and out of sight, not even noticing that Ryland was staring at you the entire time.

*time jump to the next day*

"Shit, my boss called saying I have to work today. I'm really sorry y/n, will you be okay here on your own?" Your friend says sadly.

"Yah, I'll be fine."

Your friend gets ready for work and then hugs you before she leaves, apologizing again.

You walk over to Rylands house and knock on the door. A talk guy with bleach blonde hair answers the door. "Hi, may I help you?" He says with a smile.

"Yah, I'm looking for Ryland, is he here?"

"Yah, one sec." The guys runs upstairs and a minute later, he and Ryland come down the stairs, but Ryland isn't wearing a shirt. You stare at his abs unintentionally until he's standing infront of you and you snap out of it.

"Hey, what's up?" He says not missing the fact you were staring at him.

"(Friends name) got called into work last minute, and I have no one to hang out with, would you maybe wanna hang out?"

"Yah, sure, I was about to go swimming anyway, you can join me."

"Okay." You smile. "I'll go change into my bathing suit and be right back."