Harry styles cheating imagine part 1

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While i was getting to leave from my job.I graved my car keys and went to a cupcake shop to buy a cupcake for Harry.I went to the car and went to harry's flat

.i saw the living curtains were closed.I tough "maybe he forgot to open the curtain".When i got closer to the door i heard a girl's moan and harry's moan I tough it was in my mind because i was tired.I open the door i cound not believe what i saw! HARRY WAS CHEATING ON ME!!

i drooped the cupcake.I stated to cry Harry nodist me crying but he dint pay attention to me.I went to grave my suitcase and put all my clothes,shoes,makeup est.

I craved my suitcases and i put them at the back seat Harry whent running to talk to me he said "Y/N sorry please forgive me" *crying* Y/N:"Harry you broke my heart you cant feel how i feel sorry to say this but it's over" *crying*

You left harry standing there with his eyes so red but it was the right choice you pulled up to you mom house and you stayed there.


Hey guys hope you like it leave in the comment below if you want me to make part 2 love you :D