Wait, Aliens are Hot?! chapter 1

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AUTHORS NOTE: Waazzup homefry? So this is a new story im starting, Im actually super excited for it!!! I thought of this storyline today in spanish class, it just hit me like- BAM!! lol soo hope you guys enjoy!

*******Chapter 1**********

3...2....1.... DINNGGGG!!

Ah, finally!!

That was the school bell, guess what? My senior year just ended. Exciting, right?! Ahhh i've been waiting for this day my whole life! The whole class erupted in cheers, and I turned around and grabbed my friend Jeremy and kissed him right smack on his lips. SWEET SWEET VICTORY!

I pulled away and we looked at each other, then bursted out laughing. I turned around and hugged my best friend Madison.

"Finally, we're done with high school!" Madison yelled.

"I Know, its about time!"

"So you want to come over to my place? Oh yeah, then theres a party at Dereks house tonight!"

"Yeah definatley. Let's goo!!"

We ran out to her car and drove to her place, eager to leave this rat hole. Once we got to her house, I grabbed a bag of doritos and headed to her room. Plopping down on her bed, I popped a chip in my mouth.

"So what was with that kiss you gave Jeremy, hmm?" she asked as she sat down, raising her eyebrows suggestively.

I scoffed, "Madi, you know I don't like Jeremy!" I smacked her arm and started laughing, "he's just a friend, it was a spur of the moment type of thing."

"Alright, uhuh."


"Fine fine, whatever. But I could see you two togethor."

I smacked her arm again.

"OKAY!! I'll stop, but would ya quit hitting me!"


The next couple hours passed by like that, like it always is with Madi. Were really close, so we can just chill and do nothing but have fun. Thats one of the reasons shes my best friend.

I looked at her digital clock on the table by her bed, and noticed it was already six o clock.

"Hey Mads, what time is the party?"

"Uhh, i'm not sure, i figure we can just go at like 8, then do you want to sleep at my house?"

"Yeah, that sounds good. Im going to walk to my house to get a change of clothes for the party and tommarrow."

"Alright, see ya soon."

I walked out her front door, and began the short walk to my house. Luckily we lived really close to each other.

About 5 minutes later, I arrived at my house. I quietly opened the front door, incase my dad was passed out on the couch. Again.

Once opening he door, I peered inside. I looked at the couch, confirming my suspicions. There he was, passed out drunk, just like every day...

Its been like this ever since my mom died when I was eleven. My dad turned into an alcoholic, leaving me alone to take care of myself. But the good news? I turn eighteen in 4 days, and I can leave this place! 

I tiptoed into my room, careful not to wake him up.

After what seemed like hours, I finally got to my room. Quietly, I slide open my closet door, and pull on a tight black dress with metallic detailing. It is short and revealing, but who the heck cares? I have my slutty moments, though it doesnt make me one. Im still a virgin, so suck it!