Unpredictable Love


Hi guys, 

I am so glad that you like my first story that I decided to throw another one out there and see what you think before I continue it. So here is the prologue to my new story. .

I looked up into his sparking brown eyes, and couldn't believe this was happening. I moved my gaze down the straight bridge and down to his beak like nose. No it wasn't perfect, but it fit him. I finally set my sights on his mouth. His oh so delicious mouth. The top lip was slightly smaller than his full bottom lip. But when I'm kissing and sucking on it, I can't imagine it any other way. I love his face, it is so beautiful. All of his imperfections just make him more stunning, and adds character.

He stays perfectly still, as I run my hands along his bare shoulders, meeting at the hollow of his throat. I looked back up into his dark lust filled eyes and give a seductive smile. As my fingers lightly trail down his chest and meet with his yummy six pack, a shiver runs through his body and he gives a low deep manly groan. The simple sound gives me tingles in my belly, and a deep throbbing starts in my secret spot.

Before I tell you all my little intimate details, let me introduce myself. I am Chloe Esquire, and I am a junior at Mt. Avery prep school in Long Island, NY. I think of myself as a simple quiet girl. I have long blonde hair that wave's down my back. My large robin's egg blue eyes make me look innocent but draw people in. I come from a wealthy family that makes my decisions for me. But I'm fighting to make them for myself. I guess you could say that I'm rebelling, but I feel like I'm just coming into my own.

Oh and the hot sexy god like creature in front of me, is my best friend smoldering older brother Kensington an is completely off limits. Right now he's breathing heavy as I tease him by playing with the top of his boxers. Oh and I'm about to lose my virginity to him.

Sorry I know it's short, but I'm not sure what you guys will think. Is it good? Should I continue? Please let me know! I'm not sure about all the voting stuff, like I said I'm new. But I see people asking for them so I guess that determines if people like your story or not. So if you like than please vote!  

Thank you for reading 

A Dark Divine

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