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Gaga is the New Black [ON HOLD]


Chapter 2

"Wait, what did she do?" Demitri asked again.

"Karli got drunk and tried to kiss James. She knows that James is gay even in her... drunk state." I said. I was embarrased for my bestfriend. This is why I never let her get drunk. This was all James doing.

"Oh, man! Aaron is gonna kill you!" Demitri said knowing that whatever I did none of my brothers would ever hurt me. Neither would my sisters, except maybe Emilie.

"It wasn't my fault! James is the one that gave Karli alchohol! But it's not like he knows her well enough to know what happens when she gets drunk!" I said.

"Let me rephrase that: Aaron is gonna kill James!" He said smiling.

"That's not funny! Aaron wouldn't hurt a fly!" I said.

"He would when it comes to Karli!" Demitri said.

"Well Aaron wouldn't hurt James or any of the other girls! He might hurt me! I can take it!" I said.

"Aaron wouldn't hurt you! Aaron, Liam, and Wesley still baby you!" Demitri said.

"They do not! They just treat me gently because of.. Well you know what!" I said.

"Yeah! Whatever helps you sleep at night!" He said.

"I'm telling Wesley that you were being mean to me!" I said smugly.

"No! Kelly! Don't! He'll have my ass!" Demitri said.

"Don't swear around Trevor! He's still a child!" I said.

"I am not!" Trevor said from the back.

"Oh! It's okay! We know that you're not stupid! You just happen to be mentally challenged!" I said.

"Is it always this crazy with you guys?" Trevor interrupted.

"Pretty much." I said.

"You have no idea what it's like at our house!" Demitri said.

"I don't really think I want to know!" Trevor said.

"Well you'll find out anyways! Ooh! Cheetah Girls!" I said when my other homemade CD turned to cinderella by the Cheetah Girls.

"I can slay my own dragons. I can dream my own dreams. My knight in shining Armour, is meeee. So I'm gonna set me freeeeee!" I sand along with the CD.

"I don't really like this song!" Trevor whispered in my ear as we pulled into the school.

"Why's that?" I asked.

"I was kinda hoping I'd be your knight in shining armour!" He said in my ear. I slammed on the brakes, blushing.

"What was that for, Kells?" Demitri said. I could practically hear Trevor smirking in the backseat.

"Nothing! I thought I saw a dog on the road!" I said.

"But we're in a parking spot!" He said.

"Do you need to question everything I do?" I hissed. He held his hands up in defense.

 Demitri got out of the car, leaving me and Trevor.

"Didn't you ear the song? I don't need anyone to save me!" I said harshly and exited the car leaving a very confused Trevor. I was about to walk away when I realized that he was still sitting in my car. MY car.

"Out! We have school!" I said after opening his door.

"Kay. I just wanna know something. Which one of your sister's is Karli?" He said.

"Karli's my bestfriend not my sister. Now let's go before we're late." I said scowling.

"You just can't get enough of me can you?" He said.

"Definetly not!" I said playing along with him.

"Well then let's go, girlfriend!" He said in the worst valley girl voice ever. I burst out laughing and in no time he was lauging too.

"Who's this, Kelly?" KArli said from behind me.

"Oh, this is no one special." I said.

"Another brother?" She said.

"Nope. Mom decided that she liked the number 12 to much to ass another. Bumer, right?" I said.

"When who's this?" She said.

"This is Trevor. He's my new neighbour. His family bought the house beside ours." I said.

"You mean the mansion? You're complex is like the richest neighbourhood in the country! Trevor will be sooo popular just like you are!" She said.

"Well it's not like I used my money to be popular! It was Wesley's fault! I was fine being a loner in Grade 7!" I said.

"Hello? Can we go get my scheduele please?" Trevor said from behind me.

"Yeah, sure. Let's go. I'll see you in homeroom, Karli!" I said and dragged Trevr out of the parking lot.

"You know I wasn't kidding when I said I wanted to be your knight in shining armour!" He said.

"And I wasn't kidding when I said I don't need anyone to save me!" I said leaving him and heading to my locker.


I had managed to avoid Trevor for the whole day, which was hard for me seeing as we shared every class and he tried sitting next to me in every one of them! I was sitting with Demitri, Emilie, Karli, and their friends when someone's hands covered my eyes.

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Elijah Woodas Trevor Johnson
Zac Efronas Demitri Skyes
Adam Lambertas James Skyes
Jensen Acklesas Aaron SKyes
James Francoas Liam Skyes
Josh Hutchersonas Wesley Skyes

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