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Dear fellow readers, this is my first *your name* and Justin Bieber love story that I'm writing. I have experiences of writing love stories so I hope that you will give me a chance with this story. I can assure you that you'll enjoy reading this like how I will enjoy writing this.

By the way, I will be using YN as a short form of *your name*. I will try to make every chapter long and I will also try to avoid making spelling/grammatical errors. I know you'll enjoy reading this while imagining yourself and Justin together and stuff. That's one reason why I'm writing a Justin Bieber love story featuring YN.

When you're done reading this author's notes, DON'T remove or whatsoever. Just archive this book and give me a chance :) Happy reading ^_^

-Ifa :)

Twitter: @bizzles5SOS

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Justin Bieberas Justin
Selena Gomezas Selena
Ryan Butleras Ryan
Christian Beadlesas Christian
Chaz Somersas Chaz
Usher Raymondas Usher
Scooter Braunas Scooter
Pattie Malletteas Pattie
Ariana Grande as Ariana

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