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Hey guys ummmm this is from my chapter in my book chapter 12 the book is called love? Austin mahone okay anyways her it is love you guys

A/n just another warning things are about to get dirty so if your age is on the clock don't read I don't want your mom dad or guardian to get mad lol anyways thank you for reading comment and tell me what you think ;)

Hannah's pov

Me and Austin were cuddled up on my bed my dad was out getting drunk with Rocco so maybe me and Austin get frisky if you know what I mean ;) I decided to tease Austin kissed his next he bits his lip "fuck' he moaned I smiled and stopped he looked at me "your such a tease" Austin said I smiled and laid there Austin started to kiss my neck and he started to suck o my sweet spot I moaned "Austin" I felt him smile he stopped so its that kinda game I got on top of him he looked shocked I started grinding and making out with him "fuck dont stop babe" he moaned I tugged his shirt I took it off and I stared at his amazing tan toned abbs and his v line he chuckled "like what you see" I bent down to his ear"yes baby I love it" I said nibbling on his earlobe and his earring he moaned I started to grind On him he took my shirt off and cupped my boobs he unclasp my bra he started to suck on my right nipple and massage the other "fuck Austin" I moaned he smiled and stopped I looked at him he flipped us over and he kissed me while rubbing the inside of my legs through my spandex I moaned "like that baby" he said in a husky voice I moaned he trailed kisses down my body I moaned he smiled he made it to the waist band of my spandex he looked at me to be sure "yes Austin NOW HURRY UP I WANT YOU" I said he smirked and took off my red thong "awe baby you wore them" Austin said winking at me (Austin bought me red bra and underwear for our best friend anniversary) he kissed the inside of my thigh he looked at "are you sure" he asked "yes Austin I'm sure" I smiled with in seconds he stuck his tounge into me and rubbed my clint"austin oh my god don't stop "I moaned I arched my back he took his tounge out and stuck 2 of his fingers into me I arched my back to get more pleasure "Austin f-faster" I moaned he went faster my stomach tighten he pulled out and licked his fingers "you taste good baby" he said I blushed he hasn't taken his pants off I got in my knees he stood up you can see he has a boner I unbuckled his pants and unbutton and unzipped his pants slowly he groaned" babe stop teasing me and suck me" I smiled and took off his pants along with his boxers his Clark sprang up, yes I know what his dick is called, "see what you have done to me babe" he said I giggled an girpped Clark and gave him a hand job he threw his head back "babe suck it' I did as he told and started to deep throat Clark "fuck f-faster babe f-aster" he moaned he threw his head back in pleasure I went faster and faster he cumed in my mouth I cleaned it up he flipped us is over so he was now on top if me "babe are you sure" he asked unsure "Austin in sure NOW FUCK ME" I said he smiled and slammed into me he went in and out slowly so I can adjust to his size it was pain and it turned into pleasure "f-faster Austin" I moaned he went faster hitting my g-spot everytime "FUCK BABE YOUR SO TIGHT" he groaned we both cummed I flipped us over Austin still inside me I bent down and kissed him I started to ride him "fuck ya baby fuck faster" Austin moaned he's kinda hot when he's cussing ;)I went faster. "Babe I'm about" I cut him off "cum" I finished his sentence we came again. I fell beside him panting "I love you boo" Austin said kissing me I smiled "I love you too" I kissed him "I'm going to go take a shower" I said getting up "not with out me" I heard austin I turned around and smiled "round 2" he smirked I smiled we had shower sex then after that we cuddled and went to bed.


Hey guys so this is my dirty chapter okay this may sound creepy but I has the feels typing this...... awkward..... anyway ill write more chapters soon aright comment vote and follow me love you oh btw I take request message me or comment down below

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