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Me: How'd you find wattpad?

JustGrace: My younger sister came home from school with a website from her teacher where you could read free books XD I jumped on it. And then I lost it, much to my chagrin, until I was staring at a lightbulb oe day and was like, "Watt is a funny name. Like...Wattpad!" And I did a happy dance and went onto the site immediately. And so, here I am.

Me: You have TONS of stories. How do you manage to upload frequently?
JustGrace: I have no idea XD I didn't really notice how many stories I had until people started pointing it out. I guess that happens when you love to write.

Me: Which one of your characters is most like you and why?
JustGrace: I'd have to say Elizabeth Kane, from Football is a Man's Sport Derriere. She has a ton of brothers and sisters, a love for football and strives to reach for what she wants, regardless of opinon. She was actually modeled after my sister :) and we're a lot alike, too. 

Me: Movies or books? And why?
JustGrace: Argh! So tough! I love movies, but I love books just as much! Where would they be without eah other? I'd have to say....*huge sigh* books. Sorry, cinema, but books just completely suck me in to the point where everything else just...fades.  
Me: What inspired you to write?
JustGrace: I have absolutely no idea. I used to write, when I was little, though. I think, if I had to provide an answer, that it was the idea of someone loving what I wrote as much as I enjoyed reading.

Me: Would you ever publish one of your stories? If so, which one?
JustGrace: I have a book that I haven't published on Wattpad, called Cursed. That'd probably be the oen I'd publish, after a LOT of editing. 
Me: Do you plan on becoming an author?
JustGrace: Definetly.
Me: What's your favorite book to read on wattpad and in real life?
JustGrace: Too many to choose from....hm. I'd have to say the Harry Potter series. I sobbed, I laughed, and I finished the entire thing in about a week and a half. 
Me: Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what kind?
JustGrace: I drive my parents nuts. Depending on the mood, I listen to everything from hard rock, pop, rap, even Beethoven and Mozart. Piano instrumentals and scores are my best friends. 
Me: What are some writing tips you can give the readers?
JustGrace:  Write what you would read. If you absolutely hate vampires but you're just writing it because it's popular right now, people are going to be able to tell and it won't have any life. Have fun with what you're doing. And appreciate the people who are there, and critique you! It's harsh, but needed! 
Me: Thanks again for doing this interview!
JustGrace: No problem XD

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