•1 month later•

Every morning Nash and I talked from each others window until we walked to school. The people who walked on the street would get annoyed of our cheesy jokes and yelling it would make the both of us laugh. The girls have sort of accepted Nash and the boys. I can't say they will hang out together but it's not like it was before.

I woke up, the sun shining through my window, illuminating every specks of dust dancing through the air. Finally the weekend. I got up to my window, where Nash is usually there waiting for me but he's not there this morning. I got dressed and walked down set of stairs to find a paper on the kitchen table.

"Hi love it's Nash, follow the hint until the place where i am. The first hint is on your front door -Your Nash" He's so cheesy it's cute.

"Go where is our favourite place to hang out?
-Your Nash"

"Its by the little lake down the street" I said to myself before running down to the lake.

On a tree was a note saying:

"Walk past the apple tree and over to the other side of the pond
-Your nash"

I walk and found a little blanket with some music and a tent. On the blanket was an other note.

"Now turn around"

I turn around to find Nash smiling with Flowers in his hands.

"Bethali Davis would you like to be my girlfriend even if i'm the weirdest person on earth, you might think i'm crazy but the truth is im crazy, crazy for you and since the first day our eyes met" I was blushing. He was the cheesiest but the cutest. 

I ran and jumped into his strong arms, wrapping my legs around his waist. He kissed my cheek.

"Yes, yes i will Be your girlfriend and be weird together " I said smiling looking down at his perfect eyes. He connected our lips. Before we could continue our kiss a gang of boys jumped from behind a rock.

"What the?" i asked laughing
"Woah Nash put this young lady down " said the shortest guy giving me a wink.
"Hi i'm Matthew but you can call me Matt"
"You can scream it too" said cam.
"Shut up" i laughed And Cam came closer to give me a hug. Cam and I have been best friend since 2 grade but he moved away, and i just did but I guess destiny reunited us. I'm getting back in touch with some of my closest childhood friends here.
"Woah I guess Cam has the dib on her" matt asked
"Um she's like my sister"
"And she's my girlfriend" Nash wrapped his arm around me waist, I looked up at him. He's soo tall and i'm so small. I'm 5.3f and he's 5.11f so i have to put myself on my toes to reach his lips.

"I was just kiding she's not really pretty" Matt said. Nash eyes became bigger and full of anger.
"Woah man I was just kiding just If you weren't dating her i'd be " I shook my head and face palmed myself.

Cameron walked to the blanket
"Soo are you going to have some fun tonight"
"Maybe Nash will know how his name sounds when you scream it"
"Ha. Ha. ha Dallas really funny. remember i know all your little secrets since grade 2" he blushed

" Oh and Lili this is Jc, Brent ,carter , Matt and obviously Cameron" I nodded and smiled.

"Well we're gonna go good night love birds. We wanted to prank you but I guess it didn't work!" and they left. Now it was just Nash and I finally.

I started walking to the blanket who was maybe 7 meters away and I felt someone looking at me. I turned around to see Nash looking at my rear, he didn't realize i turned around until i said.