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Arranged Marriages Are Illegal... Right?



My first thought when entering the cafeteria was, “Oh my God, food.” However, that was before I got a good look at the area. To say I was shocked would be a major understatement, I was in fact disgusted and maybe a little scared. What I thought was going to be a nice, pleasant area to have a snack, was actually a pigsty.

The floor is covered in a layer of dust and grime, along with the long tables in the center of the room. The lights keep randomly flickering on and off, which makes it look like there are bugs and things flying around in front of them. When I opened the door, a cloud of dust had been unsettled from the area around me, causing me to cough and wave my hands in front of me.

“This is disgusting!” I say, walking over to one of the tables and staring down at an old tray that’s  crusted with food. There were a few other trays like that, just sitting on the tables, rotting away. It’s like the people who had been here before had rushed away and no one had come back to clean up the mess.

“You’re right. This is pretty gross.” Sam says from behind me, and I turn around to see that he’s a few paces behind me, nose scrunched up in a displeased fashion. Sighing, I turn back around and make my way through the lines of tables, kicking away a few more trays that are in my way, and trying to sidestep any questionable clumps on the floor.

Towards the back of the room, there’s a wide open area that I assume is the kitchen. It’s hard to tell because it’s dark, and the light from the cafeteria doesn’t carry very far. Reaching out when I come upon the door, I try to tug or push it open, but it doesn’t work.

“Oh so they‘re able to lock the door but they aren’t able to clean up any of this shit?” I grumble, walking over to the open counter and trying to peer over it into the kitchen beyond. Unable to see very far, I look around for something to stand on. When I don’t find anything but a few rickety old chairs, I sigh and resort to the alternative; hoisting myself up by my hands. I have never had very good upper body strength, so by the time I’m up and kneeling on the edge of the counter, my arms are shaking. Flexing them slightly, I wait for the shaking to go away before I slowly worm my way over the counter, to the other side. From there, I warily drop my feet down into the dark, and then I’m standing up on the other side of the counter, looking at the guys opposite of me.

“What are you doing back there?” Jake asks, curious. They could easily join me back here, but it doesn’t seem like they want to. Actually, I don’t really want them to either. I don’t need their help, at least not with this.

“I’m going to investigate. There must be some edible food back here, right? I’ll be right back.” I say, shrugging and turning around. Walking away from the counter, away from my only source of light, I move along the wall, trying to find a light switch. Finally, my shoulder comes into contact with something sticking out of the wall, and I reach my hand up and touch it. Sure enough, to my delight, it’s a switch. The device is rusty from lack of use, and creaks when I push the little button up, but even so, a dim light floods the room. These don’t flicker as much as the ones on the outside of the cafeteria, but still make it hard to see clearly.

Humming a little to myself, I weave my way through overturned tray holders, and movable counters that are blocking my path. It looks as if a bomb went off in here, or something of the sort. There’s mysterious foods coating the walls, and the floor. There are pots and pans full of food that was in the process of being cooked, but instead left to disintegrate. Tentative, I go through a few boxes I find on the floor, only finding moldy bread and things like that. When I find a few canned foods, I take a knife off of the counter and stab the top of a can of corn, opening it slowly. On the inside, the corn is mushy and slightly green, giving off a disgusting odor.

“Oh god…” I gag a little, shoving the knife and can as far away from me as possible. It teeters to a stop right at the edge of the counter, and I shake myself a little. “That was disgusting…” Muttering to myself a little, I go to the back of the kitchen, and find a big closed door, with a square window set towards the top. It’s frosted over, so I can only guess that this is the meat locker. I’m just about to grab the handle, when something on the wall next to it grabs my attention.

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Selena Gomezas Raven
Christopher Jamesas Alex
Alex Mckeeas Sam
Adam Croweas Drake
David Williamsas Ryan
Destery Mooreas Chris
Dillinger Nilsonas Jake

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