White dress.


I woke up today with a disturbing thought I must say, but that’s not the disturbing part about it at all.

 Well it was like all the other dreams, slow motion and gruesome, blood everywhere and all over me; then I wake up!

Not this time, this time I was standing in a bath room with white walls, white towels, and a white gown;  I then look into the mirror.

I see me in this ugly white dress but it’s not me,

It’s you.

In the mirror I watch myself stab her over and over, leaving a blood splatter all down my gown, all over my face,

I am covered in your life.

 Watching and screaming at myself to stop, I pound on the mirror trying to help her.

The “I” in the mirror turned to face me


I panicked and smashed the mirror, cracks seamed to rip thou the mirror like lightning then a loud bang.

 I watched all the pieces of glass fall all around me like snow, spinning and dancing in it letting it hit the tip of my tong, felling its cold dame tingle on my skin sending the felling of euphoric through my veins.

You need me, do you hear me, you need me.

 Over and over the words spill out of my mouth; falling so flat I can barley recognize them.

 A cold felling crept upon me, Death is near.

 Please don’t stay I beg, Closing my eyes tight and pulling my knees to my chest I began to rock myself.

 I beg louder, please don’t stay, please don’t stay, while sobbing I repeat myself, please don’t stay.

You need me, you call once again.

I open my eye only to find

The glass is cleared, the room is bright, Not a person in sight, could this be I have won, have I triumph over you?

 I walk out the bath room and see her lying on the ground; a bloody mess was all to see.

 I look down seeing myself covered in her life; I make my way to the door and see her eyes staring into my sole.

 Burning pain, there was no life.

 I indeed took her toll.

 You need me I say to myself as I walk out in a white gown.

 You need me...

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