Imagine #24 BreakUp MakeUp ( For @Malysha_Bieber ) The Wrong Direction

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Malysha's POV

Me and Justin are at the mall because we can ;)

" Justin can we please go to Forever 21?" I asked using my puppy face

" sure, but I'll just wait here" he said and sat down

" okay?" I said unsure

Wow......that's just weird! When we go to the mall Justin's always happy and he would want to but the whole mall!

Before I walk in Forever 21 I took a glance at Justin

He smiled. The second he smiled I frowned

I decided not to go into Forever 21 and just go home

I walked back to Justin

" let's just go home I'm tired" I sighed

" alright" Justin said and sighed

What's his problem?


I sat my bags on our bed and walked downstairs to Justin

" u hungry?" I asked

" no, but I need to go to the studio" he said

" alright" I smiled weakly

And with that he walked out

He got into his car and drove off.

Weird, he went in the wrong direction

I pulled out my phone and decided to text him

' Hey Jay! You went the wrong' and I pressed send

I almost got a reply instantly

' I need to pick some people'

He's lying but I shrugged it off

He needs a break

But why would he lie to me?

I turned on the tv

The shows are sooooo boring

Until MTV came on

Headlines: Justin Bieber caught going to ex-girlfriend's house! Looks like they were lip-locking too! What happened to former girl Malysha?!?

There was even a fucking picture!

Ugh! He lied to me!

He fucking lied to me!


Part 2?

Hey guys vote?


Love yaa Princesses!