The Dude's Guide to Girls



Okay hi this is our guide to girls! We have a couple of points that should be remembered while reading the book to avoid anyone getting insulted and shtuff!


Don't take any of this too seriously ladies and gents! This is just for fun and just for a laugh yeah? None of this is scientifically proven or anything....however feel free to try some of it at home!


Ladies and babes don't be too offended this is all based on girls we know and not girls in general okay? You may or may not be like these girls, but don't start crying if you are because these chicks are bad ass!!


This is written by four guys okay so don't be too harsh on us! We're spreading the laughter around for all of you, and this is our first book/guide thing!


Yeah we can't be fucked to come up with anymore warnings so have fun reading and remember to comment and vote yeah?

Peace out,

Henry, James, Ty, Noah

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Noahas The dumbass
Jamesas The deep and meaningful one
Tyas The random one
Ryanas The baby bitch

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