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The Devil's Son + Redemption


HEY WATTPADERS!!! Here comes chapter ten of my not-so-brand-new-story.  

Lucifer is gone... for now. But will he come back as a good-guy or a bad-guy? Only time can tell...

So here it goes...


And plz leave comments. Some advice and reviews would be welcome. Thanks anyways...


I completely panicked. I tried to get to the surface, in vain. As I struggled to get out of the pool, I only went deeper in the chlorinated water, my clothes burdening me. Soon enough, my lungs were aching for air. I knew that if I didn't breath in a moment, I will lose consciousness. As I touched the bottom of the pool, I could already feel the numbness take over my body. My eyes closed, I abandoned any hope. When I fell, most of the people who were training were already in the locker-room. Nobody saw me fall. It was over.

A hand gripped mine and pulled me up. Soon, my savior and I were on the surface, and I took in staggered breaths, coughing.

"Everything's going to be alright." said Ethan in my ear, while swimming to the edge of the pool. He sat me on the poolside and a warm towel hugged my shoulders. I was trembling, and my clothes were sticking to my skin. I was crying, still shocked. I felt two arms going around me. The aura was unmistakable.


I let myself go in his arms. Why did all happen so quickly? Too much things in a too short lapse of time weren't a good thing for my nerves. Everything seemed to happen at the wrong moment. Now that I was already overwrought by the Lucifer's thing, some creepy pool accident happened to me. Huh, it was really a bad moment. I continued to cry in Ethan's arms while he softly patted my hair, telling me that everything will be alright.

Then I suddenly backed off from him.

"I want to go home." I said.

"Yes. I'm going to take you home right away." he said soothingly.

I stood up and took his hand. He got me to the locker-room where Jason was. When he saw me, he cursed under his breath.

"Oh God, what happened, Amelie?" he asked worriedly.

"Huh, is it hard to tell? I fell in the water." I said, trying to smile and failing miserably.

If I wasn't blind, I would have known how to swim.  

If I wasn't blind, I would have friends. 

If I wasn't blind, I would have a boyfriend.

If I wasn't blind my life wouldn't have sucked.

But I was blind and was going to stay this way for the rest of my life.

This thought brought another wave of tears.

But if I wasn't blind, I couldn't be standing right now in what was a guy's locker-room. Not that I actually saw anything, but still.  

I burst into laughter at my joke, and that probably made Ethan and Jason stare at me with a look that clearly said: 'She's crazy."

"Okay, it's just ridiculous." I managed to breathe between two outbursts of laughter.

Ethan joined my laughter, as if he could know why I was laughing. With a pang of something in the heart, I noticed how musical and cheerful it was. Not that I cared, anyways. (Yeah right...)

Even I doubted my mental health. Going from crying to laughing in less than five minutes after almost drowning wasn't what I would normally call 'funny'. And I was really messed up. I was feeling like shit, seriously. Life wasn't fair with me, lately. But was anything ever fair? Not really.

'Stop whining. Start thinking.' I told myself, taking deep, steady breaths. How did this happen? I couldn't have fallen by myself. And anyways, I felt someone push me. And this time, there was no medical explanation, like the time when I had an 'asthma attack (unless there was a disease that makes you feel like if cold hands were pushing you, which I doubted). But was it really an asthma attack the first time? I haven't had any more asthma after that day. But if it was someone that meant harm to me, who was it?  


No. I would've sensed his aura, or heard him approach. And anyways, why would he save me if he wanted to kill me in the first place? It made no sense. 


It was impossible. Just i-m-p-o-s-s-i-b-l-e. Jason would never hurt me. 


He might be a suspect. The number one suspect, actually. He was evil.  

Asmodeus (guy version and/or chick version)? 

Maybe. He was a demon. And I will never trust a demon anymore. I never should have, in the first place. But dumb as I am, I did.

I felt someone grabbing my hand.  

"Put this on." said Ethan. At the same time I felt a warm and smooth material in my free hand. "But first, take your damp sweater off." he added. I took it off rather casually considering the fact that I was in a GUY locker-room. Than I quickly put his sweater over my t-shirt, and then put my coat over it. I immediately felt better. The sweater Ethan gave me was still warm, freshly off his own body. I blushed, thinking about him, bare-chested. Huh, not a bad mental image...

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The Devil's son Chapter Ten

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