Stripper by Night Student by Day (Teacher Student Romance)

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 “Maddie hurry up and get you ass on stage” one of the girls called from the entrance of the changing room, “Hold on a sec I gotta finish this problem” I yelled back scribbling random numbers onto my page of math homework, I closed the math book and shoved the book and page of math into my messager bag. Usually I dont bring my homework with me to work but my stupid history teacher was an ass an gave n gave me detention for being late to his class but in my defence it wasn't even my fault, I threw my book bag behind my make-up counter and checked myself in the mirror one more time before scurring out of the changing room and into the hallway that led to the bar. “Yea baby come over here n give me some of that” some drunk said as I passed him to get to the stage, I ignored his remark along with several others and his was the nicest out of most of them and probably the most clear even though it was slurred. I took a deep breath then stepped up on stage, I moved my body to the music sensually as my little school girl outfit came off, I wrapped my leg around the pole and slid down arching my back as I got to the bottom then pulled myself up before dropping into the spilts making the guys throw more money at me. 4 hours later I was walking out of the strip club toward my beat up car, today had been a very long day usually I dont have to work longer then 3 hours but I had picked up an extra shift and then Bobby had me work the bar, but I didnt really mind cuz to be honest it was much better then stripping for cash and this way I was able to put some type of clothes on even if it was a skirt that barely covered my butt but hey I was happy with anything that didnt make me feel as digusting as I already felt. I drove home in a rush, wanting nothing more then to take a shower and curl up in my bed. I was at home an hour later and to say I was dead on my feet would be an understatement, I looked at my cell phone as I entered my ratty aartment, the time read 4:45 in the morning, I let out an exhuasted sigh and threw myself down on the couch not bothering to remove my heels or even take a shower. I felt myself falling asleep before I could even muster the strength to pick myself up and drag myself to my room, “1 hour” I told myself as I fell into a dreamless sleep but that hour turned into 3 and the next thing I knew it was 7 almost eight in the morning and my phone was ringing off the hook or in this case off my coffee table.

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Jesse Williamsas Jesse Mannings
Emma Stoneas Madison Emmerson
Shailene Woodleyas Emmie Snide
Evan Rossas Mason Summers
Evan Petersas Tyler Jennings

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