Chapter 1

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 You've given me lots of dedications so here's yours! :) Curtisbaby14

All of the story will be in the point of view of Ponyboy but in this fan fic Johnny and Dally never really died and just bob did Johnny didn't get charged just self-defense and Randy got paralysed waist down set a month after accident


"PONY WAKE UP!!!" Darry shouted from inside the kitchen. I turned around and considered the choices either I can wake up or Darry can throw me outta bed. I chose the smarter of the two choices and got out of bed. I looked in the closet and got my ripped jeans, black shirt and jacket out. I looked in the mirror and put some more grease in my hair. "PONY ARE YOU AWAKE YET?" I sighed and shouted back

"YEAH!" I walked out to see all the gang on the couch and floor, well what was left of the gang. Dally had been banged up for two-months because he got caught stealin a car. "Hiya everyone" I got a few 'heys' and hi's' back.

"Ready to go kiddo?" Two-bit asked me. He was STILL in school but he didn't mind somethin' to do durin' the day. I nodded ignoring his comment johnny just followed us being his quiet self he has began to talk more and stand up to socs' but they keep well out of our way 'cause we won the rumble and are scared that we might attack them like Johnny did Bob. We walked to school while Two-bit hollered on ranging from 'what a nice rack the blonde weather girl had' to 'I can't believe I missed Mickey Mouse' When we finally arrived at school Johnny went off with Two-bit somewhere while I walked to english my favourite lesson. I sat down and started to day dream but snapped out of it when Mr Symes walked in

"Hello class, you will be working in partners this week you are going to explain what is the meaning of the poem, they will be assigned to you"He placed a piece of paper on the board and everyone rushed to it. I easily pushed through everyone quickly scanning the paper until I got to my name

Ponyboy Curtis - Karen Douglas

I walked over to Karens' desk she hadn't moved

"Hello Karen we have been partnered together" She looked up smiled, and held out her hand

"I'm sorry I didn't quite get your name" She smiled again

"Ponyboy" I looked at what she was dressed in some ripped jeans and a black tank top she had no make-up on either. So she wasn't a greaser and she wasn't exactly rolling in it either. She had long blonde hair, average height and tanned kinda like Johnny but lighter. She started to speak to me and she looked a bit uncomfortable probably because I had stared her down, I apologised and she smiled and carried on to talk

"So I don't know but I kind of wanted to do this poem called Nothing Gold Can Stay have you heard of it?" I smiled and nodded that was one of my favourite poems I know it off by heart. We talked about what it means for the rest of the lesson. I turned to her

"Hey I mean we've gotta lot to do here so maybe you want to come round mine to finish it off?" She smiled a big smile again even though she was already wearing one.

"Are you sure, I mean I don't want to intrude" I rolled my eyes and she giggled

"I am sure you can come don't worry my brothers will love you" She thanked me, I gave her directions to my house and left. The next few lessons flew by and before I knew it was lunch. I walked over to the cars and found Two-bit and Johnny. Two-bit was laughing probably at one of his own jokes as always and Johnny was just staring at the floor smoking on a cancer-stick.

"Hey guys" They looked up at me