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Blood MooN: Witches Twilight (On Hold)


Hey everyone, here is chapter three of Blood MooN: Witches Twilight. I do hope you enjoy this chapter. To the right is a picture (Yash Gera) of what I picture Raz (Luke's cousin) to look like. Please be don't forget to vote and check out my Facebook page: Libra4Life2012.


 But anyway....






 Milo's P.O.V.


It's already lunch. I sat with Kevin and Chris since they seem like they are the only normal ones around. The most of the guys here are future alphas and betas, trying top the popularity chart. Their mates no better, thinking they have the best mate and pack. That's the one thing I been hearing about. 

"I just don't think it's fair," I told them, Kevin already knew what I'm talking about.  "How many alpha-mates in this school?" 

"About twenty," Kevin said before taking a bite out of his pizza. "Theirs also about thirty females that are  betas and their mate are called beta-mate. It's the proper title." 

"And a male alpha mate proper title is alpha female?" 

"Yes," said Kevin taking amusement out of this whole conversation. "It's not that big of a deal Milo." 

"Kevin, it's a big deal!" 

"Are you a alpha mate too?" Chris ask, rising an eyebrow at me.  


"NO," Kevin cutting me off.  Giving me one of those 'tell the truth' looks. "But his mate is a future alpha." 

"Where is Luke," I said, looking around the cafeteria. I haven't seen Luke since this morning. I sent him a text that he haven't reply back yet. I don't want to send a second one cause I don't want to seem worry or clingy.  It's a little weird that I haven't heard from him all day. 

"Luke Blacksmith?"   

"Yup," Kevin said cheerfully looking over at me. "The one  and only." 

"How you know him," he ask me. 

"Oh you wasn't at the ceremony?"  ask Kevin. He nodded. Kevin toss Chris a smile before looking at me. "Well let me properly introduce..." 

He was interrupted by chairs pulling up to own table. Jewl and Yuma, two people that I hope I didn't have to see any more till tomorrow. They just made themselves at home, not even asking if they could sit down. 

"Look here," said Jewl taking a few seconds to look at Kevin and Chris. She look at them as she was disgusted about them. Then she stare at me. "I know you're new here and it probably took a lot of strings pulling to get you in here. I'm trying to look out for you. Hanging with alpha-mates not going to help you move up the social ladder. When you don't have any leverage pull some of the weight." 

"Well actually his the..." 

"I wasn't talking to you Kevin." she said bluntly, giving him a cold look. "I trying to help you go up the ladder." 

This girl is crazy, I guess she's another one who wasn't at the ceremony.  I glance her over, she look like she belong in a doll house.  Like most of the alpha females here that have a image to their pack and themselves. Dressing in designer clothes from head to toe. Probably from their mate's family money, I thought. 

"Thanks but not thanks," I told her. She gasp in shock. "I'm not going to stop talking to someone because they're mated to a female that's alpha. So if you're done you can leave.... and take your shadow with you." 

"I no you're not talking to me!?" 

"She speaks," I said sarcastically. 

"You don't know who you're dealing with," she said standing up. Yuma stood up as well. "my mate's Father is friends with the Blacksmith family." 


"Just wait tell they hear about you." 

 I was speechless. All I could do is look at her. Is she really serious or just pulling my string. Kevin just laugh to the point he had tears. Chris was just lost in the middle, he didn't know if he should stay or get up from the table. 

 "There he is.... Luke" shouted waving him down. I glance over to see him coming over with his friends. Speaking of the devil. I see him when there is drama in the air. "your in trouble now."   

"This going to be good," whispered Kevin over to me. I just shrugged and waitto see what happens.   

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