baby daddy Ichigo

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Friends:Orihime, Rukia, Momo, Kira, Hisagi,Keigo

Personality:Strong Spirited, Passionate,Because of her sensitive past, she developed a tough-lady attitude, which has helped her deal with her past and survive several life-threatening situations.

Winter was here and it was snowing like mad.You was a soul that die when Ichigo was little after his mother was dead.Ichigo never gave up hope and kept looking for you.Before we got into the detail let's start with how you met.You and Ichigo been friends for over 4 years.the two of you went to the same Dojo as Tatsuki.Ichigo taught you lots of thing but now as much as Tatsuki.When he was six, he was sad when his mother die then after you.Ichigo didnt like the idea of leaving your side.He came everyday at your grave when he came to see his mother.later, you cam from the Soul Society and found him.He was happy seeing you and want to take your hand and keep you by his side knew that he was in love with you for a long time and didnt want to love anyone else but you.

It was thebest day of your lifebecauseyou were now married to Ichigo Kurosaki,your name changed to Yuimiko Kurosaki.All of your friends, family members and guests were enjoying thems at the reception. Dancing, drinking and laughing the night away.urahara and Isshin had already gotten into the booze,Uryu was making out with Orihime.Keigo and Renhi were being chased by you for givingtatsuki a box of condoms as a shouted,"Better to be safe than sorry!"keigo said "Wouldn't want the stork to bring an unexpected guest after you just got married!"you said,"Shut up it wasn't a funny joke! You guys are so dead when I get a hold of you!" he laugh:"Hahahah not bloody likely you love us too much to do that!"Ichigo said"Maybe she can't... though there is no real reason I can't defend my wife's honour." Pretty soon you were opening the gifts that were wrapped for the happy couple.Orihime and Uryu brought new glass bird for you.Rukia gave a scrapbook to share everlasting memories.Byakuya and Hisana presented new kimonos for the both of you and Chad had 2 tickets to the Bahamas. Really made your day cause it meant you would away for the winter. Lying on a beach somewhere far away, sipping from a fruit glass, as the sun bathed on you." SoYui-chan what did you get ichigo for his wedding gift."Ruikaasked."Damn,I forgot all about that."Orihime said"You forgot his wedding gift?!" you whined."I was so busy planning with the wedding I didn't have time to shop!" isshin said."Okay don't panic we can fix this. "Rangiku."Yui, don't you think you can just give him you know... a little ride on your saddle?"you blush."Are you serious?! When we were dating we never even got to 2nd base. Beside I don't know if I can after whatthat old mandid."hisagi shout"Yui, don't say things like that!Yui is dead anyways, he's out of our lives for good, so what he did doesn't matter anymore!" ukitake said."it's is right besides ichigo already knows what happpened and it doesn't matter to him. It shouldn't have to matter to you either." you smile.You know what? You're right I should celebrating not giving myself a pity party!"rangiku shout."That's the spirit! Now here is what we want you do on your honeymoon..." after that,ichigo and you were on a 5 star cruise on your way to the Bahamas, completely alone to do whatever you want.Ichigo had gone to the buffet to bring back your dinner. This was your chance to show him his wedding 'gift' from you. When your husband opened the door he gasps as he sees you in a sex blue nightgown with black lace."Sweet Jesus" he said."Something wrong sweetheart?" you ask"Wrong? As if its just that I had never seen you this...alluring before."hereply"So you like it?"you asked.he nod."Good I was saving this moment when I was married to chuckled."Then Mr.Kurosaki is going to give you the thrill of your life."

you rush to the Kurosaki Clinic.Ichigo was waiting for you.a smile appear on his face."hey,ichigo."you said."hey,where were you."he asked."well i have some business to take care,sorry if I was a little late."you said,shyly. he gave your hand,shyly."so,what happen to you.he asked closing the door behind him."well,i'm-pregant with your babies and we're going to be parents."you said.ichigo hug you.your face was buried in his chest."congrats,I'm the most happiest guy on earth.the girl of my dreams is pregnant. i really do love you."he said."I love you too,ichi." you said as the two of you kiss infront of the door way.karin tap her foot."hey,hey love bird,we dont have all day for you,mai have a birthday to finish up.''karin said. you look at kari.''you're right,i'm sorry."you said.she smile."that's fine.c'mon,i made you something that you will love forever.''she grab your hand going to the dinning look back at ichigo.he wink at wink back.for the rest of the day,you had lots of gifts and family time with the kurosaki and ichigo told everyone that you was pregnant.isshin had a fit and you and ichigo smack him back to reality.the two of you laugh the rest of the night.