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FS 3 Episode 1-The School's Learning Resource Center


FS 3-Technology in the Learning Environment

Episode 3-See and Say


Name of FS Student:      Greggy Q. Encinares

Course: CPRT                                                                          Year & Section: First Year /


Resource Teacher: Mary Angelie Madrona                            Signature: ________________________

Cooperating School: Doña Juana Actub Lluch Memorial Central School


Class Observational Guide:

1.       What is the lesson about?

2.       What visual aids/materials/learning resources is the teacher using?

3.       Observe and take notes on how the teacher presents/uses the learning resources?

4.       Closely observe the learner’s response to the teacher’s use of learning resources. Listen to their verbal responses. What do their responses indicate? Do their responses show attentiveness, eagerness and understanding?

5.       Focus on their non-verbal responses. Are they leaning forward showing their interest on the lesson and the materials? Are they looking towards the direction of the teacher and the materials?  Do their actions show attentiveness, eagerness and understanding?


Observational Report


Name of School Observed:    Doña Juana Actub Lluch Memorial Central School

Location of School:   Palao, Iligan City

Grade/Year Level of Class Observed:  Grade



Date of Visit/Observation:  September 19, 2011



Topic: Plural Form

Subject Matter: English





















II- Analysis




Grade/Year Level of Class Observed:   Grade II - 3



Date of Observation:   September 16, 2011



Subject Matter:    English



Brief Description of the Teaching Approach Used by the Teacher:


          Classroom discussion about the plural form of a given noun. Assessment done by the teacher through completing the sentence with the appropriate plural form. Teacher uses a manila paper and chalkboard as her visual aid in the teaching – learning process.




Teaching Aids Used




Comments on the Appropriateness of the Teaching Aids Used




·        Manila paper



·        Chalk



·        Chalkboard











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