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Field Study 3


FS 3Technology in the Learning Environment


The School’s Learning Resource Center

Name of FS Student:

Course:                                                                                                                      Year & Section:                                               

Resource Teacher:                                                   Signature:                           ______

Cooperating School:        SCHOOL_____________________________




Name of Center Observed:         Library, computer laboratory, classroom                                                               _

Date of Observation:      OCTOBER 11, 2011                                                                                           _______

List of Available Learning Resources

Available Learning Resources

Characteristics and Unique Capabilities

Teaching Approaches where the Resource is Most Useful

1.       Print Resources

·         Books

·         Workbooks

Books in the library are mostly in good condition. They are seldom used because each of the students has their own books and workbooks.

Books are used during discussions. Workbooks are used for home works.

2.       Audio/ Video Resources

·         Television

·         DVD player

·         Music instruments

Each of the class has Television and a DVD player. All are in working condition.

Television and DVD players are useful during film showing. Musical instruments are introduced during lessons about music and when a student has enrolled a lesson to learn how to play a certain instrument.

3.       Non-electronic visual resources

·         Posters

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