Don't Touch Me.

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I groaned as I rubbed my head. It was dark , it was cold , and I was naked.

I looked around aimlessly and sat up. Where the hell was I? Then my hand hit something...It felt like a body.

"Mmm... Hayley." The thing groaned , throwing their arm around me. I quickly peeled it off and stood up.

"Okay.." I said to myself , trying not to be too loud. I felt around for my clothes and grinned as I felt my skirt...then my shirt..then the rest of my outfit. Shortly after I was dressed my eyes adjusted. I tiptoed over to the sleepying body and gazed at it.

It was a boy , gladly. He had brown hair and that's all I could really see....But wait..That hair isn't hard to notice. Wait..thats... Alec.

"Oh fuck no!" I exclaimed running to what looked like stairs. I tripped over my own feet and Alec stood up. Obviously now awake thanks to my dumbass.

"Hayley I had fun last night. You did too , you just don't remember." He hissed. My eyes widened and I slowly got up.  Luckly he had his back to me. I dashed up the stairs and latched on to the handel. It. Didn't. Budge.


**** A/N

Yeahh. Um I dunno. Haha. I guess it could be better but I really only wanted this to be a one-shot...Then i had a whole bunch of thoughts and it was juss not working out. ^. ^ And if you didn't know who Taylor Momsen was...There she is (: Be on the look out for more chappies :D Kbaiiii!! VCF!!



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Not As I Suspected , But Ok.


Tyler Blackburnas Bryce
Sterling Knightas Ryan
Taylor Momsenas Hayley
Robert Alec

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