Let's Battle

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Chapter 1

        "Daaaaaaaaaaaadd!" I screamed as I ran down the stairs, well, more like tumbled.  "Oof," air escaped my lungs as I slammed on my back.

        "Yes, Azalea," Professor Sycamore, aka, my dad, answered with a chuckle when he saw me upside down on the floor.  "You know, you really need to develop your balance if I'm ever going to let you out on a journey," he said with the smirk he usually gave me.

        "For your information, I have excellent balance, it's just that stairs hate me and I hate them," I huffed as I brushed my self off, then I continued when I realized something, "HEY! WAIT! I CAN GO ON A JOURNEY!"

        "That was late," a familiar voice said.

        "Tierno, Trevs," I drawled swinging around to face my friends, "how's it goin' on that journey of yours." I slapped Tierno's hand and pulled him in for a half hug, slapping his back before pulling back. Turning to Trevs I did the same. "So what are you guys doin' here," I questioned.

        "Good and we're going to give pokemon to a few new trainers from Vaniville Town," Trevs answered.

        Quickly spinning around, I gave my best sad Pikachu face and puffing out my bottom lip, knowing dad couldn't resist.

        He looked away before peeking out from behind his hand and giving out an exasperated sigh, "Fine you can go," he handed me a box, "Here are the starters, there are two of each, one male and one female." With that he walked away tossing a 'See ya later' over his shoulder.

        As we were waiting at some random cafe in Aquadore Town, I, naturally, ordered coffee, but of course nothing is that simple, so after I finished I couldn't sit still. "Gaaah, oh my Arceus, what is taking those kids so long," I whined.

      "Relax, it's only been ten minutes and your only a year older than them," Teirno said thoroughly annoyed with my constant jumping.


        "Just, just go wait at the end of the route and show them the way to this café, or I'll cut you from my dance team," Teirno sighed.

        "Fine, fine," I grumbled as I trudged away dejectedly.

        When I got to the entrance of the route I saw three kids walking through the gate, walking up to them I asked, "Are you Shauna, Serena, and..." I squinted at the chicken scratch know as my hand writing, "uhh Caleb."

        "Calem, and yes we are," the boy corrected me.

        "Yeah, yeah, follow me" I growled cranky from my sugar low.

        "Hey that was quick," Teirno said as I sat down in between him and Trevs.

        Looking at the people across from us I took in their appearances.  There were two girls and a guy.  The first girl wore a lot of pink and bows, hmm she's girly, looking at the girl next to her, she wore a black skintight, but not showing, shirt, and a red knee length skirt, the boy wore a blue baggyish t-shirt and grey pants he also wore white sneakers.

        "Alright," I began, "My dad, Professor Sycamore, thinks you newbies can handle a pokemon,"

        "Wait Professor Sycamore is your dad," The first girl, Shauna, I think, interrupted me. Before I could continue she started again, "And what's your name you never introduced your self like Tierno and Trevs."