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MB Love Story


Part 3 bro!

Roc's Girl - @JawansKisses - Sonya

Ray's Girl - @iamTyanaT - Tyana

Prod's Girl - @YounggLovee_ - Brianna

Prince's Girl - @_MindlessMaya - Maya

Recap: Everyone went to sleep.

With Roc and Sonya:

Roc wakes up but Sonya is still sleeping.

He looks at her. Then he decides to wake her up. (BAD CHOICE ROC!)

He gives her a push.

Roc: Sonya. Sonyaaaaa. SONYA!

Sonya jumps on Roc and puts him in a head lock. 


Roc: Im.. sorry... i cant breathe!! 

Sonya unwraps her arms.

Sonya: Sorry. Just don't do that.

Roc: I know that now!

All of a sudden, Prod pulls back the curtain. Everyone is crowded around.

Prod: Is everything ok?

Roc: Yeah.

Prince: We thought something happened because we heard screaming..

Sonya: What happened was this fool woke me up.

Maya: ROC!

Roc: What?

Maya: Don't you know not to wake a black person up this early in the morning? ESPECIALLY Sonya?

Sonya: Obviously he didn't.

Roc: I won't do it again. *mumbles* Gosh.

Ray: Well Keisha said get dressed because we're going to breakfast.

All: OK.

Dee's outfit:

Bri's outfit:

Ty's outfit:

Sonya's outfit:

Maya's outfit:

The girls got dressed and went back outside. The boys were gone.

Sonya: Where are they?


The girls went outside and saw a hugeeeeee hummer limo there.

A driver was opening the door. 

They all piled inside.

They drove to Roscoe's Chicken and Wafflesss. (YUMMMMM!)

Maya: I love Roscoe's!

Prod: Me too! 

Brianna: What don't you love Prod?

Ray: Burnnnnnn.

Prod: Shut up.

They got out.

Prince: Table for 10 please.

Keisha: And a table for 2.

(Keisha and Kenneth)

Waitress: The wait is about 5 minutes.

Prince: Ok. Thanks.

5 minutes passed.

Waitress: party of 10 and 2?

Keisha: Right here.

Waitress: This way.

They followed her and sat down at their tables.

The waitress tried to give them menus.

Prod: Umm... we don't need those.

Ray: Yeah. We all know what we want.


Waitress: Well ok then. It should be ready in about 20 minutes.

Dee and Jacob were acting all lovey dovey.

Maya: Yo Deanna. Can I talk to you?

Dee: Sure sis.

They walked to the bathroom.

Maya: Can you and Jake like... stop?

Dee: Why?

Maya: Well you guys are making everyone else feel awkward! You guys are acting like its only you two at the table!

Dee: Well....Oh I see..

Maya: You see what?

Dee: Somebody's jealouss.....

Maya: I am not! Why would I be?

Dee: Ok. If you say so..

Maya: Oh come on!

Dee: Whatever Maya.

Maya: You already know im not Deanna. The male species isn't high on my list of things I love.  Especially since what happened with Dad.. Excluding Prince and family.

Dee: I know Maya... I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions. Im sorry. Hug?

Maya: Sure.

They hug and leave the bathroom.

Prince&Jake: Is everything ok?

Dee&Maya: Yeah. ^__^

Prince: Ok. *scoots closer to Maya*

Jacob: Ok. *puts his arm around Deanna*

The waitress comes with the food.


Everyone looks at him.

Prod: *blushes* Sorry.

Everyone laughs.

They all eat and crack jokes.

When the meal is done, Keisha pays for the food.

Keisha: Well, Kenneth and I are going back to the hotel. Do you guys wanna come or go somewhere else?

Prince: I wanna go somewhere else.

All: Us too.

Keisha: well we need to know where you're going.

Prince: Let's go to the mall. We can go to the movies in the mall and shop a little.

Prod: Sounds like a plan to me.

Keisha: Ok. You guys have my number. Call if you need me.

Prince: Ok.

Kenneth: Be careful.

Roc: We will!

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