I'm Not The Same Girl You Knew (Marauders Era) **ON HOLD**

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It was chilly for a late august day.  I had to pull my leather jacket tighter around me, so I wouldn’t get cold, though I’m not as sensitive to the temperature as I used to be. The wind blew my now, long wavy brown hair into my face as I stared at the house I grew up in. It is a tall two-story, has quite a few bedrooms upstairs, most of them unused, and a grand staircase.  I haven’t seen this place in almost two years

I could feel tears well up in my eyes. They were usually a deep azure blue, but at points when I get extremely angry or frustrated you’ll be able to see a faint red tinge around my pupil. I wiped at them furiously, I hated crying.

I took a deep breath, trying to push all the painful memories out of my head. It wasn’t working, they just kept flowing through.

The time my brother and I were fighting…we ended up pushing each other down the stairs…I had a broken leg…

The first time I used accidental magic…when I was five…I set my brother’s hair on fire…

 Not all of the memories were bad though.

Our first week at Hogwarts…my brother and I were so excited…we made three new best friends…

The time my best friends and I played Quiddich…and it ended up as a game of flying-tag…around the house…

The next memory almost made me break down.

My mom coming to the orphanage to adopt me…bring me home…meeting my brother and dad for the first time…becoming a part of a family…

I took another deep breath, by this time I was at the front door. I kept wondering if I made the choice. To come back or not. I was thinking of all the things I left behind, and the people, and the places.

‘Yes, of course I have to do this’ I thought

‘No you don’t’ a voice said back

‘Yes, I do, I would never forgive myself if I didn’t’

‘Come on, there’s still time to leave, your mom doesn’t know you’re here yet’ I realized I was arguing with myself.

“Yes” I said aloud as I opened the front door. I had kept the house key with me all this time, never knowing if I would need it.

I stepped inside the brightly lit room; it didn’t seem as if anyone one was home. I dropped my bag on the couch and walked a little farther into the room.

‘This is it’ I thought.

“Mom?,” I called, hoping she would answer, “Mom, are you here?”

I heard a sound come from the kitchen, like glass breaking as if it were dropped. The kitchen door swung open and my mom stood there in a flowery summer dress with an apron over it. She was shocked to say the least. I don’t think she had thought she would ever see me again. Her eyes searched all over my face, wondering if I was actually here, or if it was her imagination.

“Mom?” I asked hesitantly.

She just stood there stunned, as unmoving as a statue. I thought she had frozen and was going to speak again when she blinked a few times and breathed a single word, my name.


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Chapter 1


Sophia Bushas Savannah
Emma Stoneas Lily Evans
Daniel Radcliffeas James Potter
Ben Barnesas Sirius Black
Andrew Garfieldas Remus Lupin
Jamie Bellas Peter Pettigrew
Keke Palmeras Skye Summers
Dianna Agronas Katlynn Schmick
Josh Hutchersonas Ryan Avery
Jason Dolleyas Jace Bogle
Courteney Coxas Mrs. Potter
Hayden Panettiereas Jocelynn Rea
Alyson Stoneras Alice Prewett
Alexander Ludwigas Nick Daniels
Lauren Conradas Marlene McKinnon

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