Imagine #20 BreakUp ( For @ShelbySouders ) GoodBye Forever

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Shelby's POV

" FUCK U BITCH!" Justin shouted at me

Me and Justin has been fighting for the past 2 hours!

I don't even know what we are fighting about anymore!

I'm tired and Justin is too

I might just end it all right here it

" I'll be here for my things tomorrow" I said and sighed

Justin sighed and I walked out our-now his house

I drove to my house that I always had, had

~~~Next Morning~~~

Waking up with bags under my eyes and tear stained cheeks

I drove my self to Justin's house

As I was about to open the front door, when it went swinging open

Justin hugged me ever so tightly

" u can't leave me!" Justin cried

" yes I can" I said harshly

" please don't leave me!" He cried a little more

" Justin, we just weren't meant to be" I said and soften up

" yes we were!" He fought

" it's alright. You'll always have a special place in my heart" I smiled weakly

" I have to go now" I said looked down at him

" NO!" He yelled and grabbed on to my legs

" Justin I have to go now!" I said and tried to pry him off

" I'm sorry! I'm so truly sorry! I didn't mean it!" He cried harder

" Jay let go" I said softly

" I don't wanna!" He cried harder

" Justin I'll always love u" I said and finally let the tears fall

" if I still love me then stay with me!" He begged

" I'm sorry Justin. I really am" I said and looked down in shame

I don't really wanna leave him, but I