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The Alliance Book 2


                                   Chapter 1- Bloodlust

“Who are you calling?” I watched him as he began to turn around for some privacy.

Since he decided not to answer I followed him but all I heard was an “mmhmm” and “send me the coordinates”. I rolled my eyes while returning my focus back to the woman who seemed to have calmed down slightly.

“Any idea who killed him, we might be able to track them down.” I added plainly while the woman looked at me strangely causing Manu to look at me.

“Renegades.” Manu spoke clearly, but by now Balthazar was off of the phone and now standing next to us.

“What kind of renegades? Like wolves or Dark ones?”

Just by mentioning those words the woman became tense and went onto her knees while covering her ears in terror. I didn’t know that she understood any english but it was clear how terrified she was.

“Some people like you who’ve tried to get their soul back and were successful began to exhibit strange animalistic behavior. From Quanta - the man we came to see, did some studies and the ritual to get your soul back involves chakra’s and it was believed your soul is located in your brain. He found that when the soul returned or was ‘reborn’ it situated elsewhere in the brain.”

Balthazar spoke but still this was vague for someone who was very new to this whole idea of Chakra’s and souls when I wasn’t entirely aware of it all to begin with. I decided to pull out a cigarette and light it. I loved the motion of smoking because it did relieve some of the stress.

“There’s still a lot unknown about it but it seems that their animal instincts heighten -more so than the rest of ours, and ours is strong in general. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. Manu take us to the village and we’ll see for ourselves if it’s Renegades we’re dealing with.”

Manu quickly nodded before tapping the woman’s shoulder while muttering a few foreign words to her before they walked towards the village. We followed them and saw nothing but bush. As we approached the village the stench of death became more vivid with every step.

It would have been sad- supposing I could feel, looking at the surroundings showed me that there were lots of children that must have been in this village. There were swings and tree houses all along the way.Only they were so well built that it was strange to believe that children had made them -especially with how high up they were in the trees. I’d say the ladder went up a good fifteen feet up into the tree. When we came to a fenced in area Manu had shouted out something that soon after two men had opened the gate for us to come in.

This wasn’t a massacre. What we faced in Italy -that was a massacre, this was more or less a minor situation. There was maybe fifteen bodies that were now being placed on stretchers all near the center by the fire. A few people were wiping off the body and bandaging their entire bodies, it looked like some kind of ritual. I guess where we came from, funeral services and burials  were normal and here they had their own ways of doing things.

One man who was old, dark-skinned with a shiny white beard that fell past his waist was walking around holding some kind of lantern that smoke blew out of, like some kind of incense burner. He was walking around the bodies while chanting. He’d stop at the head of each body and lower his head and then continued to the next. After he was done he looked up at me, while studying my face I became more aggravated. I didn’t like being looked at, especially after becoming this monster.

He began to walk towards me and then walk circles around me.

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