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YulSic Fanfic] Best Friends 4Ever?


Best Friends 4Ever? 

Starring: Yuri | Jessica | YoonA | TaeYeon | SNSD

"So tell me, Yul. What's the big plan tomorrow?" YoonA excitedly asks me. She's my roommate here at the new SNSD dorm. Tomorrow is my boyfriend's birthday. Luckily I only need to attend a late night radio show, we can spend the first birthday together.

"Watching The Breakup?" Yoong gives me the yeah right look, waiting for me to spill the beans already.

"We'll watch a romantic movie while putting together this jigsaw puzzle that I prepared... I also got him -" Interrupted by a phone call... from manager oppa.

"Hello, Oppa!"

"Hi Yuri, is YoonA there with you?"

"She is." I smile at YoonA.

"Good. Your 'I've an Uncle' recording is delayed to tomorrow. Tell -"

"WHY?" I cut him off.

"The boy vomited all day yesterday. It's best to give him a day off. What's the matter? " Seeing my expression changes, YoonA grows concern too.


"I'm here," I answer disappointingly.

"Ok, pass the words to YoonA. You guys are free for the day. Call me if anything happens. Later, kiddo."

"Bye, oppa." I hung up and walked away sadly from the coach to call my boyfriend.

"I've to cancel the date, our recording postpones to tomorrow."

"Oh crap... Wait, no!" She snatches my cell.

"Why don't you throw him a surprise party today... or at midnight? Under the stars, the moon, and possibly the candle lights too. You'll be the first person he sees on the brand new year... to wish him a happy birthday." Not a bad idea at all. My bf did say he'll be home sleeping early tonight. It's even more romantic at night than in broad daylight too. YoonA continues, "Watching the sunrise together... yeah, yeah?"

"That's why you're my favorite dongsaeng!" I jump up and down and pull YoonA in for a big hug.

"I know right! I'll help you prepare."

Our big plan tonight: At around 10:30, when the park should be empty by then, we'll set up a tent with the see-through top at the park near his house. If there isn't any star or moon, I've the puzzle as the back up plan. Of course, you can't miss birthday cake from Yuri, the baker. Cooking/baking is my forte. YoonA volunteers to take care of the candles part, not too many though. I want it romantic, not super cheesy. Since he doesn't have schedule in the evening, he should be at home before 11:30. She'll call him out for some sort of emergency. I don't know. She's the best new actress, not me.

9:45 PM:

"Let's go!" YoonA sounds more excited than me.

"Where are you girls going?" our tiny leader inquires.

"Catch a movie," I lie.

"With all those bags?"

"My friends borrow the stuff for their camping trip. We're dropping it off first. Yike, we're late! Got to go, bye Taengooo." YoonA rescues me, and we dash away. The date isn't meant to be a secret or anything, but we thought it'd be more fun to act secretive.

Thank goodness, YoonA is here with me. Although my boyfriend lives in a good neighborhood, walking alone at night can be scary.

YoonA and I slow down our pace as we see lights coming from the park. Hmm... Woaaaah! There's a big heart making out of candles on the ground. Gee, they're copying our ideas. My eyes slowly slide up to the couple, whose holding a birthday cake... It's my boyfriend?... with my best... friend... Jes-si-ca? Jessica? Together they blow the birthday candle. This can't be true, is it? She's my best friend! I screamed inside me. Before I know it, they're in a passionate kiss. YoonA darts out toward them angrily, but I grab and pull her away in time, so they - my boyfriend and best friend - won't see us.


"Can't you hear me?! Let me go!" I cry and scream at him. He supposes to give me a ride back to the dorm, instead he's dragging me somewhere... to the park. In front of me is a big pink heart makes out candles, also enclosing a birthday cake. He grabs the bouquet on the bench and hands it to me. Honesty, I'm touched. Not 'cause of the flowers, the candles, or beautiful starry night, rather the guy I love, love me back.

"I love you, Jessica." You're Yuri's boyfriend. YURI's. I snap out of it and walk off without a word when he grabs me by the shoulders and forces a kiss on my lips. I fight back with all will, he just won't give up.

I'm sorry Yuri, I'm sorry, I give in. Seeing that I've finally calm down, he slows down and comes to a full stop. He hugs me and whisper to my ears," Be the first person I see on my birthday and every morning, Sica."

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