Niall Horan's Love Story {UNEDITED VERSION}


So guys *teary* it's finally the epilogue!! Sequel should be out in a week or so, I have to get a few things sorted. For example, you my dears, have a Harry Styles romance coming up called 'A Thousand Miles'. So, I'll get on with it, shall I? Oh, and yeah, the epilogue, I should probably tell you something. Most epilogues are set like four years after the story, but not this one, otherwise there'd be no sequel! So, this epilogue is set one year after, most of them should be eighteen or nineteen. The sequel, 'Louis Tomlinson's Love Story' is set one or two years after the epilogue, so Louis should be twenty/twenty one the rest nineteen/twenty. Clear? Okay, on with it! Tally ho!

I'm gonna miss this story...



~Two Years Later~

|~Emily's POV~|

"This is the stupidest thing I've ever done," I laughed.

"I know.." Louis said, snaking an arm around my waist. "But it's beautiful."

The sunset reflected on the windows of the houses. And you'll never guess where we were. We were up ontop of Heather and Fearne's roof. Yes, we were still living there. There were too many happy memories in that house to leave it. Some of my stuff had been shipped out here.

"I love you..." He mumbled.

"I love you too, Louis Tomlinson," I said honestly, resting my head on his shoulder. "Now let's get down."


All but Louis were 20 now, and Lou 21. One Direction were still themselves, having their your still going on. Abi was 19, and working as a recording artist, as of the name Little Miss. Herself and Harry were still together, happy as ever. Shannon and Zayn were also together, Shannon working as a waitress in a fancy restaurant. Taylor was still singing Stole My Heart after a year, and working as a receptionist in a hotel. One Direction promised they'd stay in that hotel every time they visited the town. Charlie changed the spelling of her name to Charli and was the single ninja of us all, working as a dance assistant in a dance studio. Heather and Niall were together, Heather as a assistant in her old school. Fearne and Kian remained a couple, I heard Kian had a proposal on the way. Fearne was a hairdresser. I remained Mischief, and a few weeks ago, I revealed to the world my identity. Boy, did I get hate mail! I was very unpopular. Actually, SYCO dumped me, and left me career less, landing me as a waitress in the same place as Shannon.

"Phone, Em," Niall tossed me the ringing phone and I snapped it open.


"Emily. This is Island Records."

"The company Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber are signed to?" I asked, bolting upright. [A/N Selena isn't signed to IR, just pretend]

"We would like to offer you a contract," The voice replied. "Justin told us about you."

"Yes, yes, I'll take it!" I said eagerly.

"There's a few conditions.." drawled the voice. "One, we change your stage name to Lickety Split, Mischief is getting bad publicity."

"Deal!" I said, immediately.

"And two, you have to move to LA..."

"Say what now?!" I exclaimed.

"Your first agreement is that you have to record an album.'

"Can One Direction come also?'

"No, SYCO have no agreement with Island Records. They stay put. Deal or no deal?"

"Deal!!" I yelped, hanging up, and dancing around the room.

~One Year Later~

I'm currently 21. I'm working on an album. And I haven't since Louis Tomlinson since I left Doncaster.

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