Remembering Hope Findlay

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My mind was blank, my brain blurred.

What was my name?

Who was I?

Where was I?

What happened?

And most importantly what were all these cords doing in my nose and mouth? Surely that isn't good.

I started screaming, I had no clue what was going on. I let my cheeks go red and my forehead sweating as I screamed and burst into confused tears.

A nurse came running in and injected something into the tubes. That was the last thing I saw as my heavy eyes closed.


Ok, new book coming up here. Hope you guys really like it. I hope to actually finish this one and also get it in the Watty Awards. I know, I know, I wish. Anyway, I hope you all vote, tweet/like and don't forget to leaves some feedback. :)


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Remembering Hope Findlay


Dianna Agronas Hope Findlay
Alex Pettyferas Corey Wilson
Amy Adamsas Nurse Maria
Emma Stoneas Lily Mae
Deniz Akdenizas Mac Berolette
Jeremy Renneras 'He'

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